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The recovered I/O shield

Saturday on May 9th, 2020Life

Late last month, Z77-DS3H motherboard appeared on Jingdong lowest price - 549. Ventilation mind, I immediately decided to buy the next single. CPU busy because of work reasons and not purchased, then I did not carefully check the receipt of goods accessories, directly on the corner. A few days later, when installed actually found less a motherboard I/O shield!

Motherboard I/O shield computer is not a necessity, but it has the following features -

1. The respective input label, an output interface name;

2. appearance;

3. Dust;

4. reduce EMI radiation;

I immediately called Jingdong customer service contact, the first MM good customer service, help me to immediately apply for "pick-up replacement" service, unfortunately, after a half hour, a male customer service called me and told me sorry , due to the so-called "over return date", the audit is not passed. Brother angry at the time, and said fiercely threatened to give negative feedback!

Gas, however! I direct "my complaint" link complained to the after-sales department in Jingdong, after several days of efforts, Jingdong complaints department agreed to go to the purchasing department to verify the problem baffles.

EMS today suddenly received a phone call this strange thing of no use EMS courier, until the only sign found in Shanghai GIGABYTE sent the original apron! Jingdong sale really is the industry's conscience, good service must praise one! First baffle opening is temporarily sealed with transparent tape, and then hand the new enclosure be loaded flap.

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