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I read the book in the first half

Monday on October 19th, 2020Life

Yes, 2019 has been in the past half past six months I squeeze time read some books, especially to share it on the blog, to share books only, do not share my reading experience (because I did not write ha ha ha).

"Something to say" - Cui

This is a conversation about the depth of interpretation, dreams and life.

Advanced speak, tell the truth. When everyone is willing to professor "technique", I prefer to tell you, "In addition to surgery, as well as road." "Technique" is to teach us how to make one thing very manner speed. The "Road" is let us know and not always successful on both sides of a thing, do not worry, do not anxiety, there are ways.

You only need to remember all the experiences are shared, the mentality is the recipe, you own your unique features, but whenever you do not forget the good.

You are, what you are saying.

"Secret" - [Japanese] Keigo Higashino

Flat-mediated happy life at 39 years old was destroyed. His wife took her daughter back home to visit relatives, take the bus accidentally falling cliff. Wife desperately to protect his daughter, eventually pronounced dead; his daughter was not hurt, but has been in a coma. His wife died the moment, like a miracle daughter woke up.

Flat-mediated tolerate the grief for his wife's funeral after finishing, return to the ward to see her daughter sleeping, he could not help sobbing wife cry. Then suddenly heard a voice: "...... the public." Ping-mediated shocked, but look around no one, are wondering time and heard the voice:. "My husband and I ...... I'm here."

"After school" - [Japanese] Keigo Higashino

N word is omitted

As we all know, it is the reasoning of murder novels

"Unicorn Wings" - [Japanese] Keigo Higashino

Late at night, at Tokyo, Japan Kirin like artful bridge, a man fell dead. Police identified the deceased Aoyagi was stabbed in the chest, in the first scene a few hundred meters away.

That night, a young man named Yashima in the face of the police fled, died in a car accident. Police found in his possession a Aoyagi wallet.

Evidence, police prepared closed. But in the eyes of Kaga Interpol, the case also doubts: Why not call for help after the assassination Aoyagi, but the chest with a knife walked ten minutes, have to come down like a unicorn? What is the motive of the murderer is?

In Kaga almost let my colleagues can not stand the persistent efforts, the situation gradually had a remarkable turning point.

"Dawn Street" - [Japanese] Keigo Higashino

"Dawn Street" is Keigo Higashino groundbreaking classic novel, surprisingly on the literary value and readability while achieving a high level, Keigo Higashino ranked the top ten masterpiece. "Dawn Street" is not a mystery, but suspense continued until the end of the book, Japanese sales of over 2 million, shoulder to shoulder, "White Night", "secret", "suspect X's devotion" and other classics. Higashino Keigo on the "Street of the Dawn" very satisfied that the degree of completion beyond their expectations, he said:. "" Dawn of the Street "is my header with love as the theme of the novel, I did not expect to complete it so well I hope the reader will such feelings - Higashino Keigo writing and in the past is not the same thing, but it is also very good. "

"Ferryman" - [British] Klein children McFaul

Dylan single girl, 15-year-old world is a mess: the mother always nothing to say, often at school by classmates tease only able to talk to friends but also because transfer left. All this made Dylan feel very painful. She decided to visit long-lost father, however, unexpected road traffic accidents. When she was desperately climbed out of a train wreck, but horrified to discover that he was the only survivor, and in front, was actually a wasteland.

At this time, Dylan saw a boy on a hillside not far from the scene.

The boy she was taken away from the scene of the accident. However, Dylan soon realized that the boy is not the occasional passers-by, he seems to be purposely wait here.

Fate, beginning from the moment they met, there have been unforeseen change ......

"Life" - Lu Yao

"Life" is part of Lu Yao novella, published in 1982, it is to reform urban and rural life in northern Shaanxi plateau period for the space-time background, described the high school graduates Gao Jialin back to the land and to leave the land, then back this process of change of land life. Gao Jialin same emotional entanglements between rural girl Liu Qiaozhen, city girl Huang Yaping constitute a contradiction of the story, it is also reflects the tragedy of the kind of hard choices. (I like the local flavor of the work)

"The world of salt" - Gao Jun

"Worldly salts" Gao Jun (watercress network name: water sports are popular) first book published. People and stories of his characters full of intellectual interest. He has a keen sense of touch, meticulous observation, to see and hear daily, depicting lively and interesting. He vulgar anecdotes, eat, drink, walk experience, homemade salty, small neighborhood, anything can be used to write, anything can take it; he did not seem timid thing, grasping is a very interesting experience; his interest ups and downs, swipes white fly, is the article, really busy inside its own charm in.

"Give you a bullet" - Liu Yu

This book records the author 2005-- about 2009 (especially 2006-2007) life bit by bit. In this book, the "look" of a hodgepodge of things, there are crazy old man on the street, have the same dormitory roommate, there is love, movies and books, large systems, small mice. Because when I write these things, the starting point is not to write a book, so the article is often different styles, different lengths, uneven quality, with the social situation, hormonal cycles, and I avoided the intensity of life of ups and downs.

"Takeshi Kitano bistro" - [Japan] Takeshi Kitano

Bistro depths of the alley, the best "tapas" non-poisonous tongue Takeshi Kitano's quirky, must go!

But hilarious endless talk of brainwave wonderful time, but when the stunning whims respect, but when it is Fu Zhang sigh of serious positive on ......

Japanese director Takeshi Kitano Chanticleer, sharp cross from earlier life, "that the car accident was a turning point in my life, since I lost interest alive", "achievement for me, thousands of people fell down."

Takeshi Kitano rare Wizards from life and death, education, relationships, rules, five movies, all kinds of modern society reveal lesions, public inversus thinking wake.

Remember correctly, that's what I see in the first half of the book, is reading a physical book. Watercress is linked to the title page.

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