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Own cooking: the tip of peas

Monday on October 19th, 2020Life

From a young married woman over there come back, nearing 6:00, passing small supermarket, by the way around town a bit, see the "tip of the pea" which blindly dish.

Before visiting the blog, in a pseudo-doctors and lawyers blog a long way to see where my brother two peas pointed Bowen, here today just saw, this dish for southerners, very common, whether it is soup , fried to eat, brush pot, can rafts handy, and does not require cooking tips and more complex, casually do, all food.

Just two days ago, the wife's mother come here, get me some crisp meat, reminds me of the rural Dam feast, the peas and cook sharp crisp taste of the meat, the meat itself is very delicious crisp, sharp pea soup join in combines the crisp meat that meat flavor, Tangxian delicious!

Yesterday side of the house to start the installation of lighting and sockets, switches, and specially in the past guarding the master installation, is not afraid to communicate clearly in the micro letter, I installed wrong. Master couple is doing a lot in this one electrician, the installation of speed very fast, the installation is also good, but also talkative, with blowing and blowing on the installation finished.

Home health has not been cleared ground still dirty, project supervision to a telephone call after call as soon as I clean up good installation floor. Three dark wall yet also paint, TV backdrop, second bedroom main backdrop, mainly because now sprayed on the back of a little bump is very troublesome, if dark paint wall color correction, will spend, so there friend needs to be done in dark colors of the wall, must pay attention to protection.

Lighting installation, the power, the effect came out a little bit, restaurant lighting the wrong color, it should be a neutral light is, the seller has sent me return light bulbs, the next and so on land clearing, background wall color, furniture arrived at the scene, the effect should be good !

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