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Wednesday on June 17th, 2020Life

Estimated to be second three times, to bring things in this note inside the barber.

Today and every day to go to the YF Which brother a haircut, but find this favorite shops out of business,

Later, YF say that just passing a roadside barber shop, I'd not found ah, then we backtrack, we found that indeed at home barber shop, went and found this little store, barber something relatively furnishings messy, barber and owner was a woman, about thirty.

I asked the store how long to open here, she said that he had more than a decade, this is a bit beyond my expectations ah, here watched more than ten years, I have also been a few times from the road, but I never noticed.

This store is our life in some people, they do exist, but are often forgotten by people. Because no features too, very likely to cause the above turning a blind eye and a deaf ear.

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