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Shanghai quiet night

Friday on June 12th, 2020Life

Last night went to Shanghai, can not remember how many times come. Shanghai has given me unlimited imagination and experience.

This is the Fujian and several friends to Super Brand Mall in Bellagio for dinner, because dinner time at 9:00 pm after more than open to eat, so eat about 10:30, please come out to the waiter, to closing a business. Before 22:30 ah, we are lamenting this is not the city's night life has just begun it?

Came out, it was found around Pearl of the Orient, people have a little talk. The original is hard to imagine this international metropolis night is so quiet, stay at the Kempinski, this big river view room, the room sound insulation do very well, rest quietly at night. Riverview up and look out the window of the morning, really good!

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