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I just want to prove I'm still

Saturday on April 11th, 2020Life

When you lose interest in one thing, it is no longer important, but the weak performance of nostalgia!

I'm waiting for typecho the new version, although waited three years, and spent early are grateful, but the flower is not dead, but think like, do not be too seriously, if not wait, and do not have the urge to want to die, just have not bounced the old law, there typecho, I admonished myself!

wordpress is the residue in my eyes, while I refute you, first ask yourself wp spent more than five years did not? If you do not, please shut your mouth, qualifications at least in front of me you have not refute!

Later, I will close the comments, had no a few people drove comment interesting? Comments not my blogging purposes, for me, those silly comments, with no difference between spam, in addition, if it is visited by pulling back everywhere comments, no meaning, here you go to my message, I come to you message, one person one, music is not he, this commonly known as friendship, commonly known as the circle!

It will not stick a tag on your site, blog is a blog is nothing more than text, images, audio and video, if you have to go the whole some code, you might want to specify that you are a programmer, you probably want to prove I worse than you, but Well, I think, probably github more suitable for you!

5 years, I have in this world, have also been sucker, and obscenity before, I try to make myself not to be a sucker, try to keep themselves, in fact, quite hard!

Although not rich handsome, but do not feel inferior, although very real, very cruel, bite the bullet and forbearance and tolerance even, high handsome is this circle passes, Cock wire this circle is perhaps the epitaph of it!

Everyone has their own value judgment, do you think it is right to do it, you can call me a sucker, but you can not stop me, these do not care, old people imagine intervention, no doubt looking for smoke, I've always been a sucker like this people!

Here the official Chedan

Recently super love this song a song, a good sister of the band, if you do not know the band, but Rogue Qin Hao should know it, "a man of Beijing" should know it. This song is a music critic looked after watercress, then listen, feel something nice, in general, I hear a good song, it will be N times the cycle until the spit up!

ZL, the song with us, damn appropriate ah ~ The only difference is, I have not seen you go!

Skydriver, I should like to thank you, because without you mp3 outside the chain, I do not know how to do music, I was poor, we did not vps, space traffic is not large, so only rely on you, thanks!

POCO, I should also like to thank you, for years, has been placed on top of the picture, there is no shame for you outside the chain, did not give a penny, I am very ashamed, because with the above, we are poor! However, I feel free day may not be long, in fact, good things have been used indiscriminately, alas!

Recently often in twitter, and even on how rice has never, No. 5 September 2009, I signed up for you, up to now, I made a 5026 push, you really kind of feeling of first love, anything It is a cloud, but the network can not live without you. And sister also pushed a lot of, quite tricky!

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