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Mid-Autumn Festival

Friday on April 10th, 2020Life

Unconsciously, it has been the Mid-Autumn Festival!

2018 is bound to be a memorable year. The occurrence of these days the work of a lot of things to think about and summary!

The day before yesterday a day wandering in Fuzhou drove to reply to run a few times! Gulou District during the day, I took it over to a friend and fellow afternoon time with Mom and Dad surrounding the Pavilion Street, Jiu Selu night after the Palace of Culture! Baby training innovative thinking!

Yesterday, and from Fuzhou and Luoyuan mountain village in the evening and Fuzhou Shanxi water, the villagers, with the northeast courtyard small get together! After dinner went to the WB family for a walk. Recent talk about our lives, naturally with the nature!

Today, the park playground cattle Hill Gang, Wang brother and family get-together in the East Taihe East is Red, and later met interesting that T-pregnant wife brother, brother original T eat fish next door! Later the hostess they took my children to the playground next door! Two hours of frenzied play, is now home, the next thing work processes, helping children drawing a wife, I sometimes feel she was too crazy, treat the child's education, parents there at night to eat dumplings together!

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