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Xiamen trip

Friday on June 12th, 2020Life

5/11 participate in relevant meetings of digital DASSAULT held, this is the first time to participate in Dassault, had previously been AUOTDESK, the feeling is not the same circle, ah, ah is not the same customer, the whole event is relatively speaking a number of relatively boring, but telling the reality, and this time I went with YF. Weekend with the family together when I rolled in Xiamen, mainly went to the Zhongshan Park, Baicheng Beach Xiamen, Xiamen, Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, Gulangyu's Sunlight Rock. Deep impression Street pedestrian street which is the number one seafood stores and fiery PK that was looking the sea seafood stall Tzengtsu cheating, the first evening after another go up YF recommended small glasses stall.

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