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I'm moving to a new home it

Monday on October 19th, 2020Life

Late-night series is code word, wrote the first period of their new house is about to be completed, and now can finally see things in general.

Now is about 1:00 in the morning, the day before yesterday furniture, appliances are another approach, today and Mom and Dad together for a day of clean health, we can finally showing a general style of.

Although're halfway there, but this decoration still have regrets, mainly I work here, there and most of them are master worker at construction time telephone communication, communication is perhaps not in place, there are still several places appeared error, although little effect, but also compare the effect of the impact site, but get Dounong, it will also decent, no rework.

The style is said to go light line luxury, but the furniture is placed on feeling this house here last year, a change of color only, therefore, feel a little weird.

The new home, on a map! Finally came alive again in two suites with panoramic effect of contrast, you look like the kind of style.

"living room"


"Master Bedroom"

"Second bedroom"

"Children's Room"


"2020 new home panorama"

"2018 panorama home."

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