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Two-eleven to buy a lot of things

Thursday on October 15th, 2020Life

Codeword is late at night, No. 24 today, from this year's two-eleven in the past 13 days, my two-eleven last parcel finally arrived, the delivery speed of the front still feel the pull of the relatively long, at least, is the one I like the longest package! Now recall that two-eleven this year, what have I done.

Two-eleven shopping direction this year that a largely lamps, own another house under renovation, taking extravagant light wind (modern), and now to the construction of custom closet installation phase, immediately scrape gray latex paint is the installation of lighting, so the main objective is two-eleven fixtures this one!

The main colors go home cool color, to match the furniture and wall colors, the lamps are purchased black family, the living room lights the election or to vote for magic beans -15 head lamp, lamp light luxury main line is modern style lamp corresponding terms, it is still fond of magic beans series.

Restaurant lights to buy the bar, because the design when the table is ready to buy a long table, so the cross-bar with lights and more, the same magic beans series!

Balcony lamp, leisure terrace, balcony lights can not be careless, the same magic beans series, five short game, good enough, and the entire dining room lights with no problems!

Main light master bedroom, a living room lights simplified version, six pole, with the master bedroom magic beans bed chandeliers.

Master bedroom bedside chandelier, sometimes, life is to have so little feeling for the job, so a chandelier Beanstalk is a good choice, and master bedroom to catch the main light.

Second bedroom main light, the ceiling lights to buy, but still has those styles, and now only worry is bright enough, if the latter is not enough to fend for themselves to replace the light source.

Children's room lamp, originally was to give small children the kind of guy to buy a large aircraft lights, behind a thought, is not practical.

Aisle lights, to the point geometry lights, feeling good!

Toilet stem region ceiling and a balcony-like lamp.

Living room TV background wall lamps, geometric lamps on the wall effect curve is generally not bad, it should be noted that according to their size video walls to buy the right size lamp, warm light remember right.

Dining room, downlights, spotlights, normally open house in addition to the main light, it certainly is a lamp to open up, and so they still need to buy a trusted brand, this time to buy NVC.

Cabinets, shoe sensor lights, the price is not expensive, you can increase the sense of atmosphere at home, choose natural light, listen to me.

The family did not do the whole cabinet, made of brick folder cabinet, therefore have to buy their own water tank, looks around selected this Vantage sink, and I reserved the main hole size more appropriate.

Hikvision C2000 series NVME SSD, 1T capacity, because of his notebook disk running out, so the Chinese and the opportunity to purchase a piece, 10-year warranty, but also what wool? ? ? ?

After Airpods2 protective cover, Friendly's, more than 30 pieces, received feeling good value for money, good!

This is more than double eleven, their own online shopping list of all the products, luckily no one returns, have reached their expectations. The two-eleven, told, I spent more than 3000, compared to the usual do not know to buy it, how much cheaper!

Now have children of their own, no longer spend as lavishly as before, was all things considered, but the dominant part of the change or free, but there is on the line! Try to earn money, the early realization of relative financial freedom!

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