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I have a toothache

Thursday on October 15th, 2020Life

It is 1:57 in the morning could not sleep toothache

15 years left teeth done root canal therapy, suddenly began to ache tonight, sleep, try to eat a ibuprofen and cut a piece of ginger in your mouth, go to the hospital tomorrow morning to see it!

It is 10:55 in the morning has been back to work

Last night the pain when he put up the hospital's number, woke up this morning and went to the hospital, the doctor just this morning, the magic is how to get teeth all hurt ,, helpless!

This case is really two genius appears, when the pain is sleep during the day and do nothing.

The machine according to the hospital's dental films and bad, the doctor told me to go outside and took a look at how dental film back under specific thing, but to go to work, I can only go to the hospital the day after tomorrow, prescribed some anti-inflammatory medicine before eating , I may have to estimate about ten thousand yuan. Need to do two teeth left, two on the right also needs to be done, I feel full mouth teeth are bad.

The left is 15 years to do root canal therapy problems that may arise affecting the teeth next to the right is a junior high school time lost teeth, has no control, and now told me to root out the removal, the inside of the two teeth move forward.

Today, the hospital's dental machine is broken, do not know the hospital and the young married woman I want to eat hot pot at home tonight, deliberately bad, so I go to eat tooth extraction, ha ha!

Yesterday afternoon in Jingdong bought a cooker, it is hot tonight, I think I'm looking face value, buy a stove are looked and looked, and finally bought a nine-yang, arrived today.

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