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Purchase Ruhai Bei R3 and repair iPod

Sunday on October 11th, 2020Life

Purchase Ruhai Bei R3

As has been with seashells music this APP, also recently learned that it has launched a number of hardware products, such as the R6, R3, etc., through the same price and product comparison to other brands, I chose to R3, the reason is more like it pure simple operating system and get used to the logic seashells music, in short, the price is reasonable, the machine is compact and lightweight, Yen value is high, this is my iPod in addition to the second paragraph to buy a portable player, and IPC different is that it is a HiFi player that supports music formats and more powerful, specific functional parameters of what can be found in the official website, I bought mostly want to hear audio sound novel and comic storytelling and the like, using a generic Bluetooth drop noise-canceling headphones. If you want to HiFi, then this machine is more suitable for use turntable, with a good amp and headphones, the better, but if the sound is not picky, directly used to listen to music is also very good, or better than the phone.

IPod Repair

Is on hand iPod Classic 3 160G, has been preserved well, but because for a long time useless, before opening with the lower results on the tragedy, the machine first becomes extremely giant card, brush machine does not work, then that can be heard inside hard disk "creak" of turning sound, think of the IPC original hard drive is easy to bad, I thought I should this be the end, and the internet to find the next, replace the battery 120G SSD and large, the screen has been above there are lines, a bit like a crack, was also replaced together. Now for the SSD, no longer have to worry about bad sectors, the machine becomes faster, after changing the battery life is really to force ah!

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