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Weekly gossip 6

Monday on May 25th, 2020Life


In recent months, after reading a few sci-fi drama, and some science or science fiction video, I began working as a junior science fiction or astronomy enthusiasts. Be able to recognize the stars, it has always been my wish is, "Look at the cloud knowledge weather, Scent of a Woman", then how can we know the stars do, just look at the text of the description online, I felt quite difficult to understand, therefore, there is no patience to identify.

One night, when I looked up at the night sky, overtly or covertly watching those stars shining quietly, a sense of happiness wells up, which is not visible in the lights of the big cities in the scenery, only returned home to such a small place, in order to have the opportunity to enjoy. So, in this sense of well-being disseminated, my firm determination to realize these ancient stars.

Winter sky, Orion is best to identify, find Orion can find it from the belt is strung together the three bright stars. At first, I did find a row of three stars together, but not bright, even a little less clear to see, so do not think this is the Orion, to give up. Last night, when I once again try to find, or only three stars more in line, this time I looked at the north-south orientation, shoulders and knees to find Orion, and finally up to star charts. I heard recently of four brightness Rigel darkened, and Rigel does have some vague comparison.

Find Orion, it is easy to find the other stars. Along the Orion belt extends to the southeast to see the bright star Sirius, to the northwest can find Aldebaran; extending shoulder bright star Procyon is east; along Rigel and Betelgeuse connection to northeast watch Gemini is the bright star of Castor and Pollux; extends northward along the head two horns can find Taurus Taurus (days off) and Elnath, and then continue the extension can see another bright star Capella . Pollux, Procyon, Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran and Capella can be connected into a hexagon, and Procyon, Sirius and Betelgeuse constitutes the famous Winter Triangle. This is a night I know a few obvious star, of course, also according to star charts to find more stars, but my hands and no suitable chart.

?Hand-drawn chart, imprecise


After watching a sci-fi drama sucks (Another Life), unable to find other you can see the play, so he points to open the Home Recommended Sex Education, and then just looked two seasons, and am looking forward to the third exhibition season.

From the title, this is a comedy about high school sex education, although I have not previously been exposed to talk about sex drama, but its content is actually not so fresh. First of all, I may be the British high school do not understand, you obviously feel a lot of actors like high school thing. Secondly, the show basically contains information about campus growth, as well as the politically correct variety of content, such as differentiation of family relations, friendship and love between young people, gay, Pansexuality, asexual and heterosexual, blacks, whites, Indians and other ethnic, and even teach you how to have sex, masturbation and anal sex and so on.

Otis hero is a 16-year-old high school student, there is no sexual experience, his mother was a sex counselor, monasteries under he also learned a lot of knowledge, and in school and a cool and clever girls Maeve opened an underground sex clinic, paid to provide advice to the lack of knowledge of the students. Otis fell in love with Maeve, but she felt nothing to do high, and in fact in love with Maeve Otis. The end of the first quarter, when Otis Maeve ready to confession, but to see Otis had a girlfriend, then quietly left. In the second quarter, Maeve Otis gave in to his feelings, but for now Otis and his girlfriend refused Maeve, but he has been out of the closet of his girlfriend dumped.

End of the second quarter, classic and old-fashioned story once again staged: Otis went to Maeve, and Maeve was just leaving to go shopping, he let Maeve neighbors tell her and asked her to check voice mail, the neighbors love with Maeve he secretly left open Maeve phone, listening to Otis apology and confession to Maeve, then press the delete key. (Tucao this place a little bit, from Otis message has been for a long time, Maeve Is not look at the phone? Why casual cell phone at home and not with others? Phones do not lock it?)

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