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No place like home round

Saturday on August 15th, 2020Life

Last night night, after one o'clock after get off work too, wanted the night to get home, but unfortunately it was too late to go home for fear of waking the family, so sleep a sleep this morning departure back home.

Because it is the first day of the National Day holiday, although starting at half past seven, there is some congestion around the city, and usually an hour's drive away, he just walked for nearly two hours. Day two days of rest, go home and play, spend time with family and meet friends, do not go out crowd lively. A little drizzle in the morning, after he come out with only a few dollars in cash, still entangled high speed tolls along the way can not use Alipay, which expect the staff to take the time to say that today the National Day card free of charge high-speed, really worry about a dozen white minute. To be half past nine, and friends together to eat a bowl of noodles and then went home.

Noon to eat at home, his mother made chili burn small rabbit radish and sour duck soup, and my father drink two cups, food or home fragrance.

Evening appointments, and childhood friend to eat hot pot, both of us grew up together in a yard, although now doing different work, usually contact less, but our friendship but had failed to progressively older and have no taste. We had five points to go along the Duck River section of the road, and then find the hot pot restaurants, reminisced also be considered over the National Day. After dinner embankment lights are bright, is really the United States. Wind River slowly, perhaps with tipsy, although that was near the late autumn, do not feel the wind cool, warm touches.

Just today, but also ShuDuDu 9 anniversary of the birth of the day.

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