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Barber, greet the new day

Wednesday on June 17th, 2020Life

Today is the last day of August, 9/1 baby reopened. Small children, a lot of things still do not know, a lot of the reason adults can not understand oh.

To the next saying to yourself until the appropriate time to look at a child obsessed with: children, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you score compared with others, but I hope you in the future have the right to choose, choose meaningful, working hours, rather than being forced to make a living.

Two days after another received a variety of telephone, lending, there are accounting, there is the promotion of the public security. The information age, people are less and less privacy, you come out a minute before, one minute after information was resold. And one of my chat, he said that they have access to information, or freely available. Those who understand the information being bombarded all day long is painful. Commercially valuable information really is very good use, is S Service? G is the quotient? A is in? YE or garden? Members want to do a cell phone, pieces of time to do this registration that registered. Personal privacy is a serious infestation, big stars are public figures in private is no wonder that travel is a mask is sunglasses. Beibi of Beibi, we all Beibi's.

After the barber shop today to eat inside a cold noodle dumplings Han, feel the store full of sincerity.

Today DF students asked how I did not go to Italy, you let me how to say ha ha, a sense of balance. God gave you close the door, it will give you open a window.

Come back at night, to continue using what NS ** hosts last night landing on a variety of tests to try a variety of settings, helpless submit work orders. Tonight continues, replace various software, still to no avail, so far the customer service staff is still in the process. I deeply appreciate the pain of doing customer service technology to do a force.

Today saw the CTO event lilac garden, looked under the gun easy to hide, stab difficult to prevent. It also looks at it, which you and I right or wrong to leave Keguan have to evaluate it. Also found a home on behalf of the wash twisted wire, forcing everyone to wash promotion, do not know is true, read it. Entrepreneurs should maintain a basic moral bottom line, to go very far. But often it is hidden behind a lot of bright things that are not visible, perhaps a lot of capital it has a capital sin.

China Telecom said that a good 24 hours to call me back then, and China Unicom it? You gave me Sajia call back yet. People are like this had nothing to do armchair. There is a high level of strong complaints, some people will arouse attention. A few days ago, and Shandong * customer service contact points, she said it would be willing to direct your complaints and your cooperation on the home agent. Many things are not convenient, there are a lot of things did not surface, is not known to outsiders.

Do yourself, a little less complaining, a little more tolerant.

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