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Past does not smoke

Wednesday on September 23rd, 2020Life

Flowers in spring and autumn for a month

There are cool in summer and winter with snow

If there is no big deal to hang my heart

It is the human good season

- Song WUMEN HUIKAI Jackson

Web2.0 later, I miss it.

Two days before the late night out, very shallow because trouser pocket, cell phone fell out of his trouser pocket several times fell to the ground. All last night, only to see a split screen fell out, it would not affect use. Today we, living in the era of mobile phones and is inseparable from the network, communication technology very well developed, so that everything becomes faster and closer. With video chat, we are no longer met; With micro-channel voice, we no longer call the; With instant messaging, we are no longer writing letters; have a circle of friends, we do not wash the photo.

In fact, I just miss that rode to a small partner doorstep shouting his name he called out to play the day.

After the work day is repeated every day so to have more than two years of. Occasionally I want to write logging thoughts on life, but have dropped. Today there is free time, then take this opportunity to recall and record the recent situation.

Although such a long time did not update the blog, but it does not mean I do not take care of my little home network. The main two things, first is the article comments email notification restored, my impression is the beginning of a host support PHP mail function, but then not working, so use a third-party SMTP instead, not Coincidentally, I do not know to die, did not pay attention to the beginning since when, one day I landed blog are found many reviews when it is remembered so long did not even e-mail alert. In fact, this feature is pretty good, so smoked a lot of time to re-toss with Gmail API to replace the current use of the effect can be. The second is based on the first thing to re-examine the stability under third-party services, because I had to call several articles shrimp music players, but at the moment does not seem to, so thought resource use such third-party risk is still very large, it does not take that bad day, and as a long time ago I used a third-party view of bed with the picture in the article, and later drawing off the bed, and now I want to re-replace the cost of the resource, but do not know what was allocated a diagram. So I spend a local player requires Flash support, so in support of the mobile terminal may be bad. However, I prefer to see pages with a computer.

Recently I watched two Japanese TV drama series, namely "kaolinite flower" and "credit fraud division" are pretty good, which "credit fraud division," the screenwriter and "Legal High" is the same person, called Ryota Furusawa.

Not too long to write the log, they will not organize language. Today it first here.

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