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Elementary School Alumni Association

Sunday on September 20th, 2020Life

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5 years, primary school for five years. 22 students will participate for the first time since primary school, everyone's really big change!

People did not come together, some students can not contact, this is really a frustrating thing. Had failed to leave any contact details, hurried away, it is difficult to gather once again.

After satiated went KTV, over five pm on the loose. During this period, each student found a chat, and some have been working away from home, and some vocational high school in reading, there's, like me, on the high school ......

In fact, they are also doing well, compared to around now in terms of people. Our peers from the countryside than the city's more sensible, more diligent. Elementary students are almost always a town, although very close from the city, but the difference is very large.

High School campus, is a multi-dandy, a seductive girls kinky brilliant. I say this is the world situation Kusakabe ah, the teacher is not ye, all day thinking about stocks and wages.

Yesterday went to school to take notice, I rode my bicycle to go, then ten minutes later, savagely training. After all, I have not arrived on time, it will recognize it, be sure to catch the early next. Do not! After anything to get on early!

Say Kwan early, more pedestrian early.

There are about a week on the New Year, time flies ......

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