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Rain-know Lvfeihongshou

Wednesday on August 26th, 2020Life

Distance to write an article, more than a month has passed, and we have not found life in the bright or sentiment, but also lazy typing, the real idea is not fully expressed through words.

No. 3 April passed the test civilization safe driving, but also to get a driver's license, but in fact this time has gone by that time the two subjects excited, but to the parents called and said I had the exam, anyway, also very happy, in short, has done one thing, it can start a new thing.

Some time ago is suddenly know one thing, this thing still makes me very surprised, because I totally did not expect this, but things like this. So in the unit, I was more and more afraid to speak, or afraid to express their true thoughts, because you do not know around how many eyes staring at you, how many pairs of ears listening.

Spent a month 5s, the feeling of use is peace of mind, out of power is not fast, mainly the system up and running very smooth, but I was 7.1, you can not escape, in addition to the input method is not particularly cool outside, the other kinda cool. In fact, I have two devices is Android a few days ago my brush a bit flat again, this time feeling very good, and now I use it to look specifically comics.

When will I be happy? Heart to calm down? Day or so over it, cautious, spare time reading, in order noncommittal future.

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