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A quiet man thinking

Wednesday on August 26th, 2020Life

In fact, really long time did not write the text friends. Sometimes, a person, I really want to write something, at least I know I have to make my exit a distraction, sometimes, I think blog has been less important, but whenever I am helpless, every when I have to face my own time, I felt I had to write it for myself.

I want to say that I have too much to deal with emotional needs, sometimes I would rather that he is still not a child growing up, I do not want to have something, I do not want to lose something, sometimes I think, in fact, it is so quite good, but often very often, there are too many outside pushing you, you do not know where the front is? You will feel that they want too much, or he really is not mature enough that he is not strong enough?

Since the doomed something happens, I want to say that everything happened so naturally, my future will be good control of my emotions, I know I can not go to change some people think, in fact, no one thought I can not change I just feel very small, insignificant I feel low self-esteem, but this feeling I can not tell anybody, a lot of people will think I am hypocritical, I would feel as it? In actual fact, they really know me? I really understand it?

I know that no matter right or wrong, I have to admit I was wrong, sometimes I felt like I was weak life, sometimes I feel struggling to compromise too much, why I'm so timid in life, and my heart have a lot of ideas, but never is a treasure in the brain, no one can be achieved.

On the other hand, I was complacent, I even used to mediocre like this, mediocrity, I know myself, so I do not force myself to do something I do not want to do things that I know like this very motivated, but at least I'm relaxed, I live not tired!

Why must force yourself to do? I just want my life to calm water!

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