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2020 Some of the daily

Sunday on April 26th, 2020Life

See a differential current paper, between the Palace could not help but delight the heart, standing palace, called Mathematica! - China's traditional drama "Higher Mathematics Derivative" 1

Whether people would be willing, in the end 2020 or predictable. At the beginning of 2020, there are three main things: this semester final exams, my shortwave Communications, as well as from 2019 to catch up in 2020, today (January 8) finally clearance of the video "Death stranded."

Nature is the final exam for the lack of mention, the thing to remember is to remember, how anxious it is not this knowledge into the brain, then hurry back to a finally remembered to forget, Why bother. Let him alone. The main topic was the second, shortwave really interesting ah. As for the third thing, I knew I review articles has been written is not very good, retelling the story begins, and then write a mess of things, did not apparently fall of text can accurately express what I mean, and I I can not believe the code better than this words to express, then nothing to see, but also appeared to be very humble little, so wait some Shashi Hou wrote to say it.

Book The True Story, shortwave QSO was quite interesting, is nothing more than an antenna accounted for some places. Now, the only successful set up of the PAC-12 is an antenna, a vertical antenna ground network. After also bought a K4EDF-fed, but it is no place to do nothing at home, surrounded by houses, nor a tree in the yard, do not stand up, can only wait for spring after the temperature up, and go to the park to use. After planning to buy a JPC-7 (now PAC-12 is a person to do) dipole antenna, but can not find the support bar, and then discuss it. Actually my house this environment, relying on additional fixed point of the antenna to pull up plan is not feasible, because can not find enough reliable and high fixed point, like PAC-12 and only JPC-7 so rely on their own antenna structures erected up also considered a possibility. So in the house had to be PAC-12 is inserted in a pot, put away the net, open to open the built-in antenna tuner Minato live with.

The first is actually shortwave stand at 31 December 2019, in order to catch the end of the school dormitory in front of a garden antenna plug, Communications effect is in fact not Zeyang, I think it is the wrong time, after all it is winter, it is spread not very good, but also the Founding ber open early, leading me cold on the outside most of the day, only a few FT-8 Communications, had wanted to RTTY QSO's first shortwave mode, you can not say RTTY, and I could not even CW did not listen, or simply FT-8 bar. After doing a few data mode, the computer's battery loved the strike, the temperature is too low, directly to freeze silly. Last resort in exchange for SSB, cried for a long time, pass to a Yancheng Friends of Taiwan, even if it is not white trip out of it (but this is not confirmed to my brother now on LoTW, I do not suspect him in the end with a LoTW).

In the stand after it has been set up in the home of a plug pots. This time I found GP antenna relies heavily on laying the ground network. In order to achieve minimum SWR, and network to be long enough, we have enough dispersed enough, but in actual operation, I found the most important factor is to ensure that the GP antenna and ground network to be vertical. The best time in the 20 meters inserted pots standing waves transferred to 1.14, and then, when the gantry, because pots of soil compaction as good as the first time (in fact, aim at the first insertion hole put up) result, the antenna dangling, a standing wave will follow from between 1.2 to 1.7 and then dangling ratio. Fortunately, when my device FT-450D, the built-in antenna tuner, antenna tuner is really fragrant ah ?? even standing wave ratio to 2.3, a tune-day open, can not afford to immediately table, as the efficiency Well, look. The FT-8 100W stabbed to Japan, to the signal-8 report, I do not think so. Later, I also see opened, 45W to revel it, that the program to hang, and occasionally staring point do not put a new DXCC run on the line. The only thing to show off what I have at home in the south over the case of a steel reinforcement of the floor or in the shelter of 20 m through to the ZL1RD New Zealand.

In addition to FT-8, I am also very keen on other digital mode. Once in 20 m Communications with PSK63 to RG0S, in another equally listener 20 meters to the Feld Hell (originated in World War II, an analog mode of the invention by the Germans, it is the use of an audio transmission similar fax something, then the recipient to print on the tape, so to see what is what, in essence, not be in accordance with character computer data processing, OCR, then do not), but did not respond to shouted CQ, also add my side interference relatively large, did not succeed Communications. After the intention, I am ready to learn CW, data model allows computers to it, really play it in fact had to be CW, meaning there is no cost voice, how good.

The original is "a princess room to see Pirates keep everyone happy, happy heart could not help the palace, standing palace, called the Little Fan." From China's traditional drama, "Shiro Tan Mu" and "sit Palace" a break.

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