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2019 year

Saturday on August 15th, 2020Life

Time flies so fast, blink of an eye 19 years have passed, there are 20 Chinese New Year a few days to review the year, I had felt quite unexamined, many things do not satisfactory, there are many targets are not reached .

Work, or the previous people and the environment, but I gradually lost the fight, people slack, there is heart want to change, I have been put into action, but the action really is not enough power, too many temptations around, unable to focus on one thing, though in this environment, not necessarily trying to change anything, even the smallest effort factors change one thing, but ordinary people like me, this is only one possible effort, not the other way he no law.

To think of this small professional title may go to a complete stranger, there is no basis for an exam, but the exam two weeks was seriously ill, completely disrupted the rhythm of pro forma, coughing test day also led to the examination did not before, of course, all these reasons are excuses, or because of his lack of preparation and strength, this dealt a serious blow, plus also know that professional title is one thing easier said than done, ah, the heart also shaken, think, or forget it, for that tiny possibility, often to chew on those boring knowledge, why? But I was not willing, next year, I think to continue to try, do not know the results, but want something harder than 19 years.

Daughter really grown up, now very naughty, a blink of an eye are 3 years old, after the New Year almost to kindergarten, but I sometimes seems not to adapt to the role of father, and sometimes more willing to play their own stuff, for a lot of things on his daughter grow up is not really serious, it will not educate and guide their children, although every day together, but many times I still do not understand her daughter's idea, which is much worse than my father did, so ashamed.

This year had basically no physical exercise, basketball, badminton has not played, and there are people looking for me to play before, called a few times you do not, people will not find you, no socializing, drinking too supper want to go, but will not find any friends, live in their own world every day and work on electronic production, website, computers, however, these things I have no progress is made in duplicate wheels, in addition to that like to watch all kinds of videos about the universe, the earth, man, ancient, myth, mystery and the like. In short the body is the capital, more than the rich spiritual life, or to the proper exercise, this is my most lacking.

For a year, but also the fundamental purpose is to make money, look at their own Netease rich accounting records and found that this year was not any money left over, and he is much money to buy a lot of useless things, this year also bought a parking space, more than 5,000 of the monthly mortgage, two car maintenance fuel costs and insurance costs, the three allies critical illness insurance, plus the cost of her daughter's early childhood reading, learn to draw tuition, clothing and other milk powder various expenses such as daily life, one year I did not have any money left over, soon to be thinking about a new house repossession, and is to be followed by those of the decoration, but also a lot of money.

Immediately after the New Year 32 years old, to be honest do not want to grow up, after all, have to face a lot of things, but can not escape, life is perhaps so be it! Older, many things do not pan turmoil, and not, as before, a lot of emotion, but slowly learn to accept, digest, and recognize themselves.

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