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Notes on anniversary

Wednesday on June 17th, 2020Life

Today the focus: AUTODESK the NING video conference presentation, ZOOM MEETING did not think the results were pretty good; also found that up to talk about problems, I felt something did not deal with, work late tonight. From the restart personal blog, bad day now for two years years. ? The first chapter restart: The record in this family plot inside it Diansha

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Almost all of their own code words, in the above record a lot: the mood, perception, harvest, gains and losses.

Looking back now, two years to find many things, work and life have undergone some changes.

1, learn baby language training to perform on stage, learning to play the piano will perform, transfer cake to learn English from English En. Have a good personality change, we have a relatively good habits to develop.

2, work management embarked on a hillock, white hair appeared, age up, and even more attention to the body, with a good recruits veterans oh.

3, to consider the issue some more, some of maturity, to do more miscellaneous, edges and corners out.

4, the past two years frequently travel abroad, English good point, a little insight also take on the responsibility of some bigger.

5. Cool Paper? Bubble domain name has been quietly running, one kind of income it as a hobby, to broaden their horizons.

6, the weekend would have to go to Italy, this month is expected to be the last task is arduous.

8, the entire Internet industry has undergone great change, embrace change, in which the domain name industry has undergone great changes, P2P routines .......

Do their work, with a good team, come on!

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