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Barber, start all over again

Wednesday on June 17th, 2020Life

Every Barber feel once again, I feel to work hard! To a kind of rebirth reborn convertible impulse. Says a new leaf a little serious, but we do not quite meet reality it fills.

And just the best one based Friends call for a long time. Said a lot. He referred to the gym, a good thing! I have to pay attention to the body, and this is an expensive machine Oh, be careful to use. Sometimes we really small, after a sudden illness or accident coming, we may become helpless, physical health and peace really is the most important thing, all the rest fame and fortune are some accessories Bale.

There was a good base to thank the Friends of concern for me, from Ningbo specifically went to Shanghai to see me, really thank you. There is grateful to have been waiting with me wife, the wife's mother, younger brother and my mom and dad brother, there are many colleagues concerned. Originally this thing a long time past, to write an article today on the log to record it.

Some of the text read read you understand, read, read, have had a literary talent. Today and colleagues to chat, there was talk that the sell paintings to write a scene in Fuzhou lanes inside to see the experience.

Finally, say something positive energy, then perhaps we are very ordinary, or even fail to say a little mediocre. In fact, can lay down their face, to accept the reality, embrace life, do not know which master said, there is a feature cattle are shameless, shameless dead. Which master to say it? Still thinking about it, to say How about you. He said face is actually a shame, sense of shame and then courage. Wrote himself, wrote to a friend!

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