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Cell formatting Pickup experience

Thursday on July 2nd, 2020Life

Just my father received a pickup SMS, text messaging is now no pickup code, which is forcing customers to pay attention to micro-channel, download the app. But now "Princess cells" are free, and slowly promote his app is reasonable.

Micro-channel number on the public: two minutes Tip micro channel pickup, the pickup with app 2 seconds.

App with the download, enter the verification code, found in the previous pickup recording are recorded.

app pickup in three ways: a key to open, open the scan code, taken retrieval code input. A key to open the direct link is turned on. Because my side of the community have installed multiple "Princess district," this is a key used to open, when using the confirmation pop-up twice, so that the user is not confirmed before people have the right "Princess cell" arrives to anti person is not, the case is taken to open the doors of others occur.

Overall feeling good use today, while some businesses sponsored ads on app. Hope and convenient, while better protecting customer privacy Floury.

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