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Gossiping about chores in August

Wednesday on September 2nd, 2020Life

is the beginning of a new month. This year has been gone for 8 months, ushering in the first day of September, and the weather is gradually getting cooler. In retrospect, it seems that I have done a lot of things and nothing. Life is so strange!

the days are passing day by day. Today, the immortals and beasts of most families begin to "return to the nest" one after another, and it is rare to usher in the excitement of their parents so that they can do what they want to do. However, for the immortals and beasts, it is very strange to see them and miss them. It is strange that the immortals and beasts in the family have been in kindergarten for 18 months, so they are going to be in kindergarten. Haha!

it is rare to use the cloud to automatically back up photos and videos from your phone to the cloud, Synchronize to the PC, nothing to do, and find that August is also a waste.

I made pickled pepper chicken feet with Douyin. I feel good about myself, and I can sell it. Haha, the only thing I feel bad is that I feel bad about passion fruit, .

went to Chengdu to study in an installation company, but it was still rewarded. It is said that putting what you have learned into practice is the king.

the baby suddenly feels grown up again, and drinking Wang Zi is the baby's favorite. Haha, I am so happy to take a picture with my mother

wife and children's courtyard to celebrate the fitting photo, the big cat and the hairball suddenly cooperate to take the photo, and the performance is good!

fixed the Bluetooth non-working problem of Lofi TV, and the resistor was short-circuited. Just remove it with the complex iron!

send daughter-in-law to Huaxi for three months of further study, casually stroll around

office computer typing, boot into the system automatically restart, machine maintenance, and finally found that the unique silicone grease has dried like mud, changed after purchase to solve the problem, by the way arranged offline again, ah, the arrangement is not good-looking, will be done

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