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Reach Chengdu to recommend a hotel Bijia apartment hotel

Tuesday on August 18th, 2020Life

every time I go on a business trip from Luzhou to Chengdu, it hurts to take a bus ride. I don't know when the Luzi interior of the intercity line in southern Sichuan will be opened to traffic in the real sense. Watching the news some time ago, the Luzhou station began to be built, and the platform foundation has been built. Now the construction of the main project begins, and it is expected to open to traffic next year, which can be regarded as an expectation. After it is repaired, it can save 2 hours. It is strange to say that Luzhou is the last city in Sichuan to have a passenger railway, and it still needs to be opened to traffic in 2021. Alas, it is strange to say that Luzhou is the last city in Sichuan to pass through the passenger railway, and it still needs to be opened to traffic in 2021.

this business trip is on this side of Tianfu second Street. I found a hotel to stay in. After checking in, I exceeded my expectations. The accommodation of 200 yuan is totally worth it. As it was to check in after arriving at the store, I did not call the hotel to make a reservation in advance, so when I came, the big bed room was no longer available, so I had to stay in the standard room. I thought the standard room would be bad, but after I came in, it did exceed my own expectations. so I'd like to introduce it here.

the name of the hotel is "Bijia apartment Hotel", but according to the front desk, it will be renamed Eli Hotel, anyway, at least now it is called Bijia apartment Hotel. The design of the whole room is relatively warm, the most important thing is clean, every time I stay in the hotel, the first thing is to see if the quilt has been changed, , my wife picked up this habit, this time the quilt in the room is new and clean; the whole room is designed with no main lights, the lights are relatively uniform and not dazzling, especially the decorative paintings on the walls give people a feeling of a small apartment, very good; The desk in the room is very large and wide. For a business traveler like me who works with a computer, there is a lot of favor. The table of the writing desk is not stained. After touching it mainly by hand, there is no such thing. The hotel provides two free bottles of mineral water, this can be available, of course, there is a standard kettle, but I have never used this once. I have said so much. Finally, I looked at the picture and took a few pictures, which is still not bad. If you want to do business here, you can check in.

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