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Riding a bicycle to travel

Wednesday on November 25th, 2020Life

People's life, there will be a lot of friends, but they are walking, they are scattered.

Ji Yulin, a master of the Chinese studies, studied the scriptures in China in the early years, and then boring the ocean in the sea, and the people of the world have been brought to the world. In his later years, he had made a person who said his own depression. If you have to shake your old friend, you have to shake your hand. If you meet, there are not many opportunities. He often hears the news of the friend, especially the feeling of injury.

Mr. Old said: "Others are old, everyone will envy the longevity of the old man, but I am saddened by one day, my old friend is going!" Said it is laugh.

How can this laugh, we feel sad. A century old man's warmth and now the mourning of the friend, maybe the elderly is gratifying!

Life's landscape, the light is short. Red flowers are green, and the slut is a fan.

I love to travel with a bicycle to travel, not afraid of the mountain high water, no matter what day is long. I have a destination, I have been met in the mountain, I met the river, I met the end, I met the end point.

There is also the same road along the way, laughing together together. Falling in the far, we will fight against the river, and the river is involved in the water. Isn't this a scenery?

How similar life is similar to this journey! We always have your own destination, we always rush on this road. However, it seems that we did not care about the scenery along the way, no songs with the people, did not stop staying, enjoy the scenery on the way!

People will always have a destination, regardless of the short period of time. If we arrive at the moment, I feel a short life, but it is an unfortunate thing in the journey, that is the regret!

A bicycle is in the world, he can go to a place where you can't go, he can go to the place where it is. Why is it free, if you climb the top of the mountain with the people of the same way, let's go! We have arrived here! "What kind of great is this?

Perhaps when we return to the return, you can come to "we have arrived here!" Echo, which will be a surprise, excitement and gratifying. That will be a matter of self-evident permanent memory.

The victory is like a cloud, the deceased. Life's landscape has never been less, but people who can stop staying have not been much, this is really inexplicable!

So, ride a bicycle to travel ...

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