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Notes on the days of small essays

Tuesday on August 18th, 2020Life

it's 00: 03 in the morning, and I'm not sleepy. I got up to take a look at everyone's blog. I also found that a lot of people's articles stopped and changed. N months ago, maybe the days after the epidemic, everyone was back to a busy state, maybe just like me. I actually became lazy. I wanted to write, but I didn't have the motivation to open the code interface. I just typed a few times and didn't know how to write. It seems to be tossing and turning, that is, the trivia of life, there is nothing to write about.

recently, I heard that many sisters in our company were watching the TV series "standing at 30". It was said that it was quite OK, but I went to see a few episodes myself, but I thought it was a little far away from life, so I didn't keep up with it. Instead, I caught up with a workplace Japanese drama, Naoki Hanzawa. The first season was 2013, which dragged on for seven years, and the second season finally came. I almost thought the show would be "the end of the play." After several days of night chase, I saw some ideas about my own business-vitality, self-confidence, hearts, learning, talents, reward and punishment promotion mechanism!

it is another rice harvest season. This year, my mother planted several fields of rice in her hometown. Last week, she took the time to hit the millet. Fortunately, she still had the strength to carry the rice home from the fields. From time to time, I feel that the ability to actually feel life will be lost from my next generation. They can no longer feel the hard work in the countryside. It is not easy to grow food. I guess I'm worrying too much. This year's millet harvest is good, so I grow food from my own home. It seems that after drying, there should be an appearance of seven or eight hundred jin, not wasting my mother's sowing, looking after, and there is always a reward for hard work.

tomorrow I will go out to Chengdu to study for another day. It is said that I am going to study. In fact, I should call other companies to inspect and learn from other people's advanced experience, advanced office tools and software. I really don't have much feeling for a city like Chengdu. Maybe it's because I'm from Sichuan, so I feel the same everywhere in Sichuan. It's just a different dialect. I'll soon be able to blend in and adapt to the place. In other words, Chengdu has been boating again recently. According to the old classmates who developed there, driving to work every day is like driving a boat. Haha. Speaking of this matter, the "sponge city" that has been being done in China does not feel the same effect. Recently, not only Chengdu has been "rowed", but Yunnan and Guizhou are all the same. Is it really "Yun Gui Chuan, a close family"?

some time ago, there was insomnia. When I was anxious, Rest was really thinking about anxious things. I woke up on the third shift of the night shift, wandered alone, wandered slowly until dawn, and looked in the mirror. I found that I began to grow gray hair. Although there was only one, I smiled bitterly for a while, and after my own emotional adjustment, I felt much better, so I had to know how to give psychological cues to myself.

115Net disk is a good thing. I recently bought a member of the year, buy one get two free. In a proper three years, it is used to download 4K original movies. Compared with Xunlei, the BT or magnetic force of 115s is almost a second to the cloud disk, while the APK, of 115s on TV can be directly installed and can be downloaded to the local view. Running all over your broadband is easy, with 115, you need something fast, and the download address. Can go to to have a look, basically can find what you want to find, quite good. If you need to download something, you can also email me privately, and I'll help you.

I feel like I haven't written anything, so I've been gone for more than half an hour. Time flies really fast, so stop writing and go to sleep!

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