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Riding a day to play mahjong

Monday on December 14th, 2020Life

The weather behind the autumn, exceptional heat. The so-called autumn piratures have been strong, and today I have no sun exposure, it is cloudy. Although the stuffy is still, it is not dare to go out as a previous time.

In the afternoon, I rode the mountain bike of my Sandy, first went to a repair shop, giving a slightly stunning tire plus angry. On the way to the ride, I remembered the days of high school summer vacation. For a while, we transferred the fanatic enthusiasm from the online game to mahjong. Every afternoon, I have to ride the car in the sun, pass through the highway, the rice fields, and then arrive in the battlefield with them with them. Until the sun down the mountain, the heat returned, we withdrew from the position to forage, and "brand food". At that time, most of the summer vacation nights, I am in the hot summer in summer night, and I will return home from the slightly cold wind, which is rolling from the bike. I forgot that the homework in the summer is not much, when I started to do homework, anyway, every time I started working, I didn't finish it, but finally, I can't seem to have the beginning of the new semester. It is.

It seems that it is still very free, and the summer vacation is very happy. Going home and sweating, after taking a bath, the electric fan opened, and the enrichment will spend this. Nowadays, the air conditioner is popular, everyone is housing, and I don't want to go out. I don't know if it is lazy, or I will enjoy the current peace after suffering after suffering.

The old time is already far away, whether it is playing games or playing mahjong is just witnessing the carrier of friendship, we can enjoy the happiness of your own, and you can deepen friendship, why not. Just at the time, I didn't have to buoy for more than half an hour. It was full of sweating. It is not worth it. The student's era can have his own mountain bike, it is already very happy, so I think it is worth it.

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