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The last day of this year

Sunday on November 29th, 2020Life

For me this year, I felt very long, this year didn't make a lot of progress, and many times were still confused, including now. After going to resignation, the civil servant interview failed, constantly looking for work and change, then learning car and training, let go to see this time, no too much worth afraid, this way is not easy, there are many Helpless and , just like Wang Feng, we are born!

After a year, I have been more than one year, and I can compare with others. I have more and less contact with the past. It seems that the feeling of inferiority has begun from my reading. I have been accompanied by me. I am an extremely unconfident. People, when I live in my own world, I can't take the initiative to do things, I am very concerned about others, and my heart is anxious, too much worry, in fact, I also want to live easily, don't go Think of things that have not happened, the heart is very tired!

The 22-day training has long been over, how to say, overall comprehension is still satisfied, although there is no expectation, you can't get the first, but think about it, just do your best, Yes, don't give yourself too much pressure. If you don't have a cold, you may have better test, everything is destined! In fact, I also have a lot of friends, life can have a fate, let alone 22 days, miss the people I have encountered during this day, meet and leave, all in my heart!

The feeling of this city is too small. Sometimes you do the most unwilling to meet, it is the easiest to encounter, I don't like the feeling, I am familiar with each other, I feel strange, I don't know how to say it. What, you are not awkward in your heart, but you have to put it very enthusiastic, so you will be more and more, you can't see it.

After 12 o'clock, it was the next year. What should I do in the next year? I want to change, change my current situation, let myself have a sense of security, change my mentality, let yourself to treat people and things I have already talked about the ideal age, and it is more indifferent to others. I just want to make yourself better, just this!

PS: I am watching "The Giant" and "Let's get married", very good ... I recently finished the code of the website again, I went to the JS of the native comment, put more JS in seven Bowned, and there is a small station from WP to Typecho, put it on BAE, I didn't expect it to survive in a free space for 3 years, in fact, if 99on has no annoying advertisement, it is still very good ~~

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