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Dinghushan festival day

Wednesday on September 23rd, 2020Life

As the very south of the third-tier cities in the South, where we also May Day, when there is a music festival, people really touched and excited. One can imagine, for a small city, even the big star cast is not enough, even if the lack of atmosphere and basic music festival, but the enthusiasm of the people is still very high, in any case, to see a lot of bands, singers, stars of the scene performances, would be sufficient.

This festival is Dinghushan the first session, a total of two days, April 30 and May 1, two-stage, spaced apart to perform. I just bought my first day, because watching a music festival too tired, finally pushed the first few rows, from 3:30 to 22:00 stations and more tired smoked. You walk away, there is no good location, so there has been no move house. Mainly old people, nor can the passion burning.

Look down to this day, still can feel, Sun Nan impressed me the best, and sang for over an hour, and very hard, there is no shelf, also sang a Cantonese song skewers. A long time ago I heard a song toy Captain, this is still do not understand, but still very fond of. In fact, some of my favorite folk singer did not come, perhaps because of geographical reasons, right, Dinghu Mountain Music Festival invited guests most of the south side and Hong Kong, so that some of the northern folk singer almost did not, of course, because music Dinghushan influence section is not enough. In short, the feeling is pretty good day, you can also do the preparatory work, the scene there is no emergency situation, hope Dinghushan music can become better and better, more and more influence it.

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