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Anime recommends masked knights empty me.

Saturday on February 29th, 2020Life

the weather is sunny again these two days. It was suitable to go out and bask in the sun, but after the epidemic, we still need to stick to it. But now the number of daily statistics has dropped to single digits, which is good news, but it seems to have increased abroad. The only worry is that the situation that happens to rise will not be imported by foreign cases. On Twitter, we see that the phenomenon of foreign exclusion and domestic exclusion is too serious, and it is more patriotic when it comes out of the wall. After all, foreign people are not as easy as native-born people to understand China. Of course, moths are indispensable, but there are all kinds of worms in that country.

the above is a small sigh. I will officially start work tomorrow. I am still very excited today. the epidemic on our side has now been downgraded from level 1 to level 2, and many enterprises have begun to resume production. Most of what I know began on March 1. The barber shop also started normal business. I also took the time to get a haircut this morning. I saw that many of the bloggers went to get a haircut, which was also a "trend".

I haven't been on the blog for two days. When I was watching an animation when I was a child, no, it should not be said to be anime, it should be said to be a TV series adapted from cartoons. I always feel that the cartoons that children watch now are just rubbish that lowers their IQ. What are our childhood animations, like the Haier brothers, Blue Cat naughty 3000 questions, Journey to the West, Sook and Beta, the domestic Haier brothers, Blue Cat naughty 3000 questions, Journey to the West, Sook and Beta, Foreign Saint, Light Messenger, cat and mouse, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, four-wheel drive brothers, iron armour Xiaobao, iron arm Astro Boy, Invyasha, death, Naruto, leprechaun tail, Sea Thief King, etc., every animation has its own central idea of positive energy or something to express to us, but what is missing from the old animation may be the problem of my old age. Alas, There's another sigh.

what I introduce to you today is "the empty me of the Mask Knight." the mask is actually divided into the first ten years and the next ten years, the first ten years is Showa, the last ten years is Pingcheng, and the empty I am the first mask of Pingcheng. The Mask Knight is now about to enter 20. I haven't seen many other ones, but empty me is still my favorite. Unlike other masks, I always feel that I hit the majority. But like the TV series, there is a plot, there is temperature, the most important thing is to feel empty my appearance is the most handsome, the whole play from the beginning is only a mask, there is no other mixed in, and the transformation is step by step, one is more handsome than the other. I started broadcasting in 2000 and ended in 2001, when I was only 10 years old. At that time, I was broadcast at the cable TV station of my hometown. At that time, it was still called "Guca Altman". Later, I checked the information after I went to college. Hong Kong was called "Guca Knight Guca" when it was introduced to Hong Kong, and it was also called "Guca Altman" introduced to the mainland. I searched Guca Altman behind me, but I didn't find any information for a long time.

the plot is that "the investigation mission found an ancient corpse coffin with a petrified belt, but accidentally awakened the brutal race of ancient times" Gurangi. The fifth generation of Xiosuke, who calls himself an "adventurer", senses the call of a mysterious belt and is determined to fight to protect people's smiles! The new generation of masked knight "the birth of the empty self"

is worth saying that the empty self is like Degas in the Altman series, the empty self is the only one of all the masked series to win the nebula award, so the promotion index is necessary in front, while the empty self's personal setting feels more like a grown-up person. After all, the masked series of the first ten years are more like children's dramas. On the other hand, my crew is more likely to take into account the feelings of adults. At that time, those who looked at the mask grew up, so the plot had to grow up.

after looking through the aftertaste of these two days, I specially made a living and wanted to collect the idea of empty my hands. I went to Taobao and found that the red omnipotent empty me was mostly, and other metamorphosis forms were few. Later, in Tieba, I saw that a person collected five kinds of metamorphosis forms, so that I could live with envy!

finally, the link is sent with Baidu Yun 1080p Chinese subtitles, Japanese pronunciation!
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