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Have dinner

Monday on November 25th, 2019Life

this is a "fetch water" article, looking at the home page display, missing a corner, looking strange, , but I am not a Virgo ah, strange!

Mom, wife, and children have to live alone for a while after they return to their hometown. No one cooks is one of the hardest things. They can no longer go home to eat hot food. This is a fatal problem. Order takeout?. Now I have no mood for takeout at all. It tastes terrible. If you do it yourself, it will take at least half an hour, from cooking-cutting-stir-frying-eating.

although you have to live alone for a while, you still have to live up to your body, so make a fried chicken tonight, ! In fact, I think I can cook. Dozens of people have cooked food, so I should be able to get on the table.

I didn't go to the vegetable market, so I will use the frozen chicken breast in the refrigerator. First take it out and thaw and prepare the ingredients: garlic, ginger, Erjing hot pepper, Xiaohong Chaotian pepper, salt, water starch, egg, oil consumption, Douban.

my own practice

  • wash and cut into small sections
  • garlic, shredded ginger
  • frozen chicken breast, stir well with a little water starch, egg white and salt, marinate for a while
  • a little hot pot with oil, stir-fry the diced chicken until the chicken is white, and put it into a bowl
  • . Stir-fry together
  • until you see the white skin of Erjing Tiao, put Douban, don't put too much, stir-fry until the red oil
  • fry, pour in the diced chicken, stir-fry, put a little oyster sauce and salt out of the pan
  • finally, there will be a ceremony, cut a few pieces of green onion to set the plate, OJBK, to complete
  • finished product display, taste good, !

    in the dead of night, I need a cup of coffee. I prefer bitter coffee with ice, but the weather is still warm, !

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