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New Year's holiday!

Thursday on February 11th, 2021Life

This is the case, our school has three departments in the first grade, and the so-called experimental class, key class, parallel classes, general parallel classes and key classes are a holiday, and our Pharma is not in their grade group management, so Many times we have a holiday, they don't leave, they have holidays we are in school, and many times they have a lot of time than us. Today's holiday is still out of noon, our group management personnel are still considering whether to have a holiday with key class parallel classes (Friday), we all "forever" will be holiday today, holding full hopes, I haven't been notified in the morning, I am disappointed, the class of the fourth class teacher, suddenly inform us that the holiday today, I didn't think it was, I didn't have a happy hahaha. (No way, students' nature!)

At noon, I was back from the basketball court and prepared to go home. I went to the teaching building. I saw the stairwell, the suitcase, the clothes bag, only a small road is available for people, and the beginning of the middle is also holiday today. So, today's holiday There is only 11 editions of our cultivation (junior high school, high one, high). As a literary, for the afternoon, it is a little thought, and I don't want to do homework. I have to live there, I look at the desk, occasionally looked at the teacher, finally squatted two or a half, Things, the school gate, waiting for five minutes, see the bus.

I want to vomit the bus driver, the bus front door and the back door, I just started to open the front door, the driver opened the back door again. Well, I am politely crowded from the front door, come to the back door, come up, I heard that the driver shouted in front: "You don't leave the door, don't go to the back door!" I can't help but sneak in my heart, but I helpless, who told you to open the back door?

There are a lot of people in the car. I stood in front of a ninth grade chubby child. I held a guardrail. I handed anything. The little fat man behind him had just shaken his feet, and I happened to him. Feel, can't speak words!

Finally returned home, opened the mobile phone, a Henan phone called, a little sister, saying that my voice is very good, hahaha, it turned out to be a friend on QQ, my heart is happy.

The code is already 11 o'clock in the evening, and everyone is good night.

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