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zhouzhai one-day tour

Monday on January 25th, 2021Life

Today, I am rare on Saturday. Although I started the final exam next Wednesday, the teachers who did not take a walker in this weekend can not be easy to catch a weekend, but the homework is really ignorant.

Despite this, my surname friend returned to China. Last night, I came to my house to pick up a bunch of gifts, and I was a little bit of a little bit of a personal 2333, but fortunately, I have a deep internal force, I didn't like to be angry. Then I went to his home today, I will bring him a 2015 reader. Although I didn't do a lot after I went today, I was already very happy to see him. We played the game. In fact, I personally not like to play games, I will be too difficult to operate, although I write the program code word code, but if you play the game, you need to press one When the key is released, I am completely chaotic, it is really not good at. So Steam I bought the game, why do you want to play?

Later, I got to night, after having dinner at his family (telling the tofu fried in his grandfather, it is very delicious, but because of the night is really not hungry, it is a bit regret that there is no more to eat more 2333) Pull him to teach me Piano, after all, I want to learn a long time, but my family can't afford it. The second is to buy it. So I just want to learn a piano with him, and I don't say that I am going to be a pianist. I want to learn. And I have always believed that music can cure people's ability, even very short.

But today I also found him a very unexpected ability. Sure enough, it is very spiritual. It is not good to learn in China. It is really just the problem of education system. Today, when he was a "God's Day World" decided, he didn't see the Raiders for 3 hours, I watched the Raiders for 3 hours. I have been the first one of the grades before, and his grades should be in the middle, but I am not as good as this kind of decryption. Or a lot of aspects. He.

I just rely with this kind of thing, I really want to think about this stuff is really almost the same, even Dengfeng is extremely good, in addition to satisfying the heart, there is no great role outside of the vanity, Chinese Many, many of this grade. In addition to learning, it is written in the Java of my school's half-hanging. But the words, the painting playing the piano playing the game, the appearance can be slor, and I am very envious of 2333. This is a bit awkward.

His family is also very good, will not let me feel particularly nervous or what. Today, I feel very happy during his family and he and he will be, after it is now, I think it is time to think about the day of day, I will be happy to laugh. Just returning home, yourself alone, you are calm, calm and calm, seriously ask your opinion on this problem for going abroad, sometimes I really think, what to study abroad, it is necessary to have a big courage to hold.

I really ask for it, I really didn't let go of study abroad, but on the other hand, I really should really go abroad, at least should not be buried in China. This kind of mood is really contradictory. If you put it on my head, I definitely don't have the courage to throw the current social connection, the environment and comfortable circle that is already adapted; but I want to flee this realistic as soon as possible, escape now This high school. I don't want to Cheng Tian, ??I'm writing a circle back to the back, I want to be a real knowledge! The chemical equation is easy, but it is true actual operation? Mathematics Questions, but can always buy vegetables, if you put it in the field of machine learning? I am afraid it will feel that there is no purpose in this 10 years, and it is useful to be useful, there is the most foundation in mathematics. Other subjects are especially, I am not criticized here, I am afraid of being sealed.

So, how can I be good, I am also very confused. And there is no condition in the home, can't afford to study abroad, don't say that I have to study abroad, I can't afford it to Australia, not there is not much money, it is really not so much money to do these things. . Live in Beijing, in Beijing, holding the best wages in Beijing, my father, my mother's salary plus my dad's pensions, the income of the year is not enough, the shake is the daily spending, I am also I don't want to deprive my parents' old life. But the family is not good, I also want to develop, I also have a dream, but now the current environment and condition really supports it, why do I have to bear this result? It is really weak and weak. Humans are more powerful, and they will conquer the earth. When they refine their individuals, they find that their hands are not bound to chicken, which is what we really rely on themselves. I can't expect this group to give you any free help. In other words, communism is really far away, it is difficult to achieve in a hundred years, it may not be achieved in dozens of generations. So now I have also wanted to change, but I can't break away from the shackles of this society. Everyday, every day, everyday, personal social circles, everything around, it seems that it is the resistance when you want to change. I am also very wronged, but I can't force it. What can I do?

My inner heart is not strong enough to have a long-term person to resist loneliness, I think people are a group of animals, and no group will need to communicate with people, otherwise it will really die. So I am worried that all of this is worried, I finally came to my friend. Studying abroad, how far is, actually happening around. Now, he is my most important friend. Although I am so lived, I only live for 16 years, and I only have a little bit of work, but people who have left from me from me is enough. Even if there is only four or five. But at that time, I really thought that they were my best friends, even if I graduated, I won't walk away from me, but I'm willing to violate, because of interest or other reasons, after all, I have passed my world. . In fact, I don't have anything is too sad. We will meet in the street every day, and those who have only one side, this is nothing, but people have feelings, how can I get cold? Why don't you be reasonable, how to feel unhappy, it will be sad.

So after graduating from the junior high school, I decided to make any friends in high school. In order to avoid the final respective, surely avoid the initial encounter, isn't it simpler? However, this person is not unconfilled. Therefore, it is very unclear that I think people think that people affect me - week. So after that, I will change my mind, you see, how is it unclear. I decided that this time, anyway, even if I sacrifice myself, I can't let him leave from me. This is a bit strange. After all, it is a man, but who said that the male can't have feelings, very pure, the friendship is not good? You have some readers, always see the wind is rain, and it is not ashamed. I have a deviation in the future, you are also responsible!

This time, I really decided, so sometimes I am really willing to sacrifice myself - the kind of mid-to-help friends - to help friends, anyway, I am an unstextable purpose is the highest friend, myself Second, others are endless. So, after a high level of knowledge, it has been like this until he is studying abroad. In the night I learned him to study abroad, I was pulled out of my brother, but even if they drunk, they were all drunk, I was still awake, I was not my body, ethanol dehydrogenase and B The aldehyde dehydrogenase is much, just because I have been here. That night I thought of a lot of things, I also worried about a lot of things, I also preset a lot of scenes, although I am very lucky, but I still try to do my best to help him. I can use the text to express my will with text. At this time, I feel that this kind of thing is, it will be weak. The textbook said Lu Xun as a weapon, which strongly slammed the feudal people; now, I only use words, I can't do anything.

Now he is still coming, although he is going to leave at the end of the month, but in any case, he will respect it, and I am still willing to do my best with him as before. Just, if you say this, you will still be reluctant. If you think that he will leave, I have to hold a room at home, although I have to endure, but tears will still run out. No way, this is the weakness of people, the feelings are the largest bugs in humans.

Ok, finally I hope he will be safe and happy in foreign countries, and can complete your wish.

Well, just like this, I hope this article will not be seen by him, such a confidence, definitely a bad right.

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