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My negative example

Friday on July 3rd, 2020Life

Recently a friend to accompany a blind date, content that we sit together to eat dinner, chat, let them look at each other, loving object was a man, I was impressed.

Although the supporting role, but deep sentiment, who first met on a surprise to me, emotional intelligence is very high, very worldly manners, character is very cheerful, dinner, talk, stop filling chicken soup, the content is how they make money effort, Kill also make money in his spare time, and now a house and a car, as if the work looks like a stable of successful people, have to say that his speech is quite contagious, my chances are not even chipped in, I had to ask myself, people like him, but also intimate it?

And his age, and I have a daughter who was married, but obviously feel the person's experience, knowledge society are above me. Compared with him, I feel there is no life in addition to the skills, but his lack of desire for that kind of money. Sometimes feel quite seeding, too complacent, has a stable job, earn a fixed salary every day, this was the life I aspire to, the rich are not content with it, but also poor immortal status quo. Just graduated from college, went through some tough times, but now think about what these really is not? At that time more than 1,000 dollars to get wages, still had a very chic, but now, although wages are no longer a year, but think how enough money to spend?

With family after marriage, a daughter, is not as it looks chic single, spend a lot of time to plan, but it will not finance, not to make money, this is the problem I'm currently thinking of? Think about yourself along the way, a lot of the time or less thinking, no goal, I do not know what is best for themselves, but do not know what they want? When reading squeeze single-plank bridge, after graduation joined the army examinations, are all with the public.

I grew up in a small town person, the pattern is not high, a small child to see the world, in my impression is that a child's reading good physics and chemistry, traveled world are not afraid, music, art, dance such interest groups does not exist in my world as a child's, so they doomed themselves with such industry missed.

I remember his childhood pretty smart, you can back a lot before Tang did not go to school, write some words, and remember the order of city CCTV weather forecast, I can back down, when entered primary school age children than many want to be smart, In fact, just accept these early Bale. Primary school I used to get a double hundred, especially the language very well, won a prize essay contest, as is the town, to the sixth grade only been exposed to English, then English foundation did not play well.

Later read junior high school, also took the stage before a full few, but that is the town's junior high school, in addition to the number of English language, other subjects rather not being taken seriously, but also what the main subjects and sub-sub-branch, a lot of people to look for the heart the number of such core subjects of English language, other subjects feel useless, I was very interested in the class politics, history, geography, biology and the like, people do not learn, I'm still learning, teachers do not teach well, I can see their own textbooks .

Dad grew up in my room hung two maps, one is Chinese map, a map of the world. This is my geography of elementary education, then I've always had the habit of watching the map, find on a map the various countries and the capital every day, many small European countries and the countries of Central Asia have a child I remember, when no computers and the Internet this is the only way I get knowledge.

Remember in junior high school, our class is assigned to a professional student teacher really was, before many so-called biology class is on behalf of other subjects teachers, not professional at all, she speaks well, then it biological discipline full of interest, remember that time new to the Internet, I find biologically relevant sites on the Internet.

Junior examination of these subjects I basically first and second, and more intelligent than their own, but no one attention to these subjects in the town, including many teachers included, we all feel that the number of English language these are the chemical and physical the most important.

Later admitted to the city's high school, also called key classes, but I am still very interested in these subjects, then examination, these subjects Billing Division I rank the basic can be routed to several former full level, so all the subjects I was very front rank, but because my English is poor, only a few English language row, then I basically discharged more than 100 full grade.

High school biology teacher liked me, not because of how clever I am, but because I was the favorite class biology class, each class to listen to me very carefully, follow the teacher's idea to go, but also ask questions most people, in my favorite high school biology and geography should be followed by language and mathematics, history and politics, chemistry and physics.

Sophomore divided the arts and sciences, biological science to the geographical went to liberal arts, but I chose physics, right, one of the most poor performance, he is not very fond of, but also the biggest competition of subjects. It was with the public, looking at the class learn better students have opted for the physical, and then the boys read science concept deeply rooted, many people say that it read science, good science jobs, hold this mentality, I select the physical.

Even if the physical is not good, I went to the physical key classes, then our entrance is 3 + X + integrated subjects mode 3 is the language alphanumeric, X is your chosen profession subjects, while integrated that if you choose liberal arts is the political history , the word is materialized science students, so their advantage completely gone, the class can only be discharged before the countdown is about 5, in addition to the language, I no longer have the advantage, although the results later on in the class, but I the language is still one of the best in class performance, writing is often read as a teacher Pham Van, but the English out of 150 points, I usually only 80 points on all failed, too serious side branches, a branch of English people will be able to kill me .

This is the third year phase of their most rebellious period, not because of his good grades, and also work against the teacher, the teacher in front of the whole class said to give me the hope that I do not sleep affect other students in the class, so I ran out of school, wander the streets, to see old bookstall kinds of books, go to Internet cafes overnight sleep during the day, in the third year most of the sprint stages of decadence and depravity me, because I never felt the results risen, forever in the class it is reciprocal, and even then the teacher in front of my parents also face that you test a child two heads or no problem.

To apply for a time, thinking to go to school like other provinces, perhaps the young have to go to distant dream it, then want to go to university in Nanjing, Chengdu, but felt his erratic performance, many schools should pass the test of, and I knew that they themselves then select the physical is wrong, and when the occasional high school biology teacher of the year, she knew I was in physical, very surprised and asked why I did not choose it biological? I'm speechless.

The first year of college entrance examination can be said to be a failure, only got two 2B, Guangdong province called three, it seems collectively referred to as undergraduate tuition is very expensive school. The time of receipt of the notice, like a professional software engineering, a little joy and no, because I feel in any case can test a two, right? But the fact is I'm worse than I thought. Many of the students in the class are admitted to a key colleges Japanese laborers, Chinese farmers, South China Normal University, Jinan, Shantou like, how much my heart is still the envy of jealous hate. At that time the pain and may want to drop it, so I intend to alienate his classmates, not to participate in various meetings, because I feel bad than the others, but also to meet only make yourself more unhappy.

Not willing to choose a repeat, for once in high school full of hatred, but also go back and repeat that no face, went to a high school Pro City, the high school is not the so-called "high-four", also into the fresh students the classes go, the beginning of good grades, graduating students to then people gradually catching up, feel and play back the prototype, results in the class but the middle level, in high school that I see is a variety show off their wealth, the rich variety of life, low self-esteem heart again, a lot of things for me this town youth is simply wishful thinking, such as ipod, the first generation iphone, snacks and a variety of limited edition shoes and so on.

So I gave up and fall again, the rest of the week when I was wandering in every corner of this strange city, go to the bookstore to read during the day, at night I go to Internet cafes overnight become the norm, can go out every day thinking about how good, even if it can go to the park alone, lying on the grass also, the heart of the wild, just do not want to stay in school, coming college entrance examination, simply struggled to live, just want to hurry up the college entrance examination, a little can not stand this torment. But the result is still one of the best language, the language of writing is still in the class the teacher read out, a retired language teacher is rehired old man, the sound is very vicissitudes, hunchback is not high, but particularly good for me, I always love to communicate with him each every kind of problem.

The result is always so intriguing, the second year of college entrance examination and the first year of exactly the same, the same three, but different schools and professional admission, and is equal to a year's time wasted. Back to school to take notice of the time to see language teacher, I told him I would like to repeat, he was very angry, gently kicked me say, what also re-read, to go to college now. At that moment the sun shines on his slightly bent back, his expression of regret and frustration, my life memorable.

In fact, these old stories long past, but often think of the physical feel his choice a little silly, but with no regret medicine to take in this world. At that time I really did not know what to do growing up? No plan for your life, along with others more steps to go, how people go on how I go, and never ask what his heart really like? What is your specialty?

Thank those subjects and teachers when I was like, no accumulation of these teachers teach and valuable knowledge, there can be no more important to me these today, this wealth, than the college entrance examination scores, ranking as they will accompany me forever of.

I thank those days detours, so I got the spirit tempered, eventually come out in the fall, his face, I was that ordinary small town youth, maybe today I still pattern is very low, I still very small world I still not good, I still will not make money, I still lacks breath, I still will not conversation and communication, I still stuck, I gladly accepted, I dare to face such a miserable myself, and I What dare not face it?

More negative example, would like to encourage each other and gentlemen!

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