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Swimming this year

Wednesday on April 21st, 2021Life

Yesterday afternoon, the weather was hot. I will go to swim with my friends, and I will sit on the shore. It seems that there is no swim last year and the previous year, and this year is also swimming in the first time.

There is not much time in the tour, more time in the water. It's cool, then the water is three or a half, but the sun is still very big, and the head is slightly painful. Later, I chatted in the shade of the shore.

Almost five o'clock, it came out. Then I went to the porridge to eat the meal, and I didn't play in the evening. I played a malaria. At about 10 o'clock, I packed home. Yesterday, the amount of exercise is still a bit big, so I still have a little exhausted after home, I will sleep directly.

When you swim chat, talk about one of them, let us laugh for a long time. Because it is very clever, we all know each other, and we also know this, but before this, we deliberately put it. Maybe this is the so-called, actor, let's.

Going home and discovered that the swimming pants placed the classmates and was back home by him. Bring it out when you swim, you don't know when you swim.

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