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Hangzhou half-day play

Monday on May 10th, 2021Life

Yesterday, I stayed in Hangzhou for a long time, I originally planned to go to the West Lake. The result is greater in the morning, I got up nine o'clock, so I started to have breakfast. The weather in Hangzhou is really good, from getting up from getting up, the mood is very bright as the sun is very bright.

Because it is a walk, there is not much place for half a day, and the right is to take a walk in a bright sun. First, I went to the Southern Song Yin Street. The Royal Street Pavement was built by stone bricks. There were stone watergots on both sides. There were vegetation on both sides. There were monocutum trees, and they were a building, and there were shops in the community. At noon, the sun shot on the ground brick through the gap of the leaves, the wall, the mottled tree is so beautiful. Later, the Royal Street was a major street in Lin'an, the South Song Dynasty. I don't know if this small street in the year is the Royal Street.

(Southern Song Yin Street)

I went to the royal street to go to Hefang Street, this is a pedestrian street, which is roughly distributed. There are many old names in Hefang Street, and there are also selling snacks. In fact, it is a snack street. Among them, there is a huku, there are scissors, nail knives, kitchen knives and bronze teapots. There are a few small scissors, which is particularly exquisite, and there is no practicality. However, it is not recommended.

(Hefang Street)

Go backon, pass through the drum towards the east, and a small river is Hu Xueyan. This red top businessman has a legendary life, and its home is naturally not general. Both ends of a small alley leading to the main entrance, there is a piece of ingot pattern floor tile, which is also known as Yuanbao Street. The area of ??the house is quite large, and its architectural structure is mostly wooden, and there are bricks. I think the most exciting part in the home should be a small park in the southwest corner, named Zhizhi, which is beautiful than the garden of Suzhou. There are rockery, pavilions, bridges, and one artificial lake. Perhaps many of them have been renovated, but it can also be seen from Hu Xueyan to build a well-built house.

(Drum Tower)


After Hu Xueyan, he went to Wu Gong Mountain to turn. After all, because of the time relationship, I didn't go into West Lake. I only stayed again next time. The beauty of Jiangnan is exquisite and delicate, and the south of spring should be more beautiful.

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