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Sunday on November 29th, 2020Life

That's right, changed the theme, in fact, I like it very much. I also spent a lot of mind, I have been using small repair, basically use the function of Typecho to play, but people, Always aesthetically tired. The previous topic is a bit too complicated, although the style is very simple, but I still feel a bit stacked. I want to be a single bar's theme, but I can't get it.

Later, I saw @Imzoke made a very simple topic Greenray, as the author said, is a topic focusing on the text and reading, I think the meaning of the blog should be the case, and the points should also be text, so very Appreciate this theme, if you are HEXO and Farbox friends, you can go to the author's github, the author is shared this topic.


I also put this theme to Typecho, and have made some modifications, such as color, add some things, such as some pages, and many labels are also redefined, but still want to change as little, don't want to change Destroy its original feelings.

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