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The final exam is finally ended

Sunday on November 29th, 2020Life

Since New Year's Day, long-lost updates have been updated.

Because I have been busy recently, I will meet the final exam, so I have not updated the blog in a timely manner. However, now it is good, the three-day final exam is over, just wait for the notice.

I hope this time can be better, the last grades are really terrible, I can't believe it is my own grades. So I spent a big effort in the last time, I would like to gain something.

It actually in these two days, although it is not big, but at least from Qinling ... Sichuan rarely snow, especially in the plain. Last year did I have seen falling in snow, but I gave us a surprise this year, we can also enjoy a variety of winds in the North. Although the snow is small, it can be very secret, there is no ice on the ground, but the weather is also cold. The frostbite that has been good for the front time is actually recurred, really depressed!

Really cool during the exam. You can sleep until 9 o'clock, because I started the exam at 10 o'clock, and I didn't know how to arrange it. But this is good, I also enjoy the first time I have been sleeping in the school in the school, hahaha, now I am still very excited! Cao SIR speaks English as long as it takes 110 to winter vacation, and he heard that I was embarrassed at the time! ...

Liu said when taking a notice, I will tell us a list of a parent meeting. Only pigs will plan and arrange, cough, plot needs, if there is similarity is purely unexpected ~

All in all, relax in the summer vacation! But it is also necessary to remember the words that have not been finished at the last semester ...

Yeah! Come on!

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