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Still bought ipad air

Wednesday on November 25th, 2020Life

Recently, I like "Dust" songs, I will give yourself!

I finally got up my mind, I bought the iPad Air, like the 5s I bought, and the Hong Kong version, about why the Hong Kong version does not buy the country, nothing is the reason, and I also learned 5S 16G lessons, this time IPAD I bought 32G, 16G is actually enough for me, but considering the iPad and mobile phone still different, I mainly used the documentation, listening to songs, or bigger.

There is no patience to wait for the new iPad, blind pursuit is meaningless, I don't like to wait for something, what is IPAD MINI 2 and Air buy, I really tangled for a long time, knowing Take some post on, in all, in all, the main difference is still the screen size, in fact, for boys, 9.7 is not very large, there is no A4 paper big, put it in the bag, it is complete, so much People say that Mini is easy to carry, I think it is the result of sacrificing the screen, my usage scene, nothing more than units, libraries, home, and other places will not take.

If it is used to read the document and PDF, I think that Air is mini, watching PDF on the 9.7-inch screen is really a kind of enjoyment, and it feels more than the computer, and if it is paladed, if It is if you look at e-books, maybe Mini is better, but it is also very good under AIR horizontal screen.

I have an 8-inch Android tablet. Under the iPad, I don't say it. In addition, Android flat is the most sad reminder is that most software does not have an adapted HD version. Many only mobile software stretches, and the interface is too good. Sometimes there will be some problems, and the software on the iPad's App Store is rich, and it is optimized for large screens.

PS: Recently, I also immersely immersed in the "live football" world. In order to kick the ball in bed, I also bought an Beitong's handle. There is a few keyboards in the wireless keyboard, and I have changed a wired keyboard, and I feel still Wide wired is better, hey, people are always tangled.

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