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On the Friends

Saturday on September 26th, 2020Life

Now, I do not like to talk about a "friend" word, not so much, is to talk about it very carefully, very conservative.

Friends, this is really good, which is life indeed rare wealth. However, when I saw a group of fair-weather friends call each other or claiming to be friends, brothers, I often heart nausea. Because of this stuff was so good interpretation, could there be one kind of grief.

To facilitate the delivery person, to make profits and pay sparse; Israel Submitter, flowers and love Yu; to overwhelm those who pay, and pay absolutely potential dumping; to justice those who pay, and to the old days of shortage. People in groups, feather flock together, there is always a group of people will spontaneously gather together, fraternizing. Their inherent common interests, but also their own calculations, he just borrowed the name of "friends" of the term to decorate it, then why not call each other brothers, not hypocritical. "Friends" in their eyes and can not fully reflect the true value.

That is what friends do? How they can be called friends, whenever I feel like good things are not explained, but can only sense. So how can sense it, it touches can be conveyed in words. Friends intersection is very warm, very easygoing when talking to friends. As for those all day flattery, ass looks than loud thunder also called "friend" who is not a friend, or called false friends, it is not worth it to make friends.

In case of both bell, playing water in what ashamed.

A true friend is not limited to ten years gone and still contact; a true friend is not limited to thousands of miles away from the coast after the earthquake came to visit; a true friend is not limited to after the big flush of a section of the railway bridge to ask whether distant disaster serious thrust into the phone Bridge; a true friend is not limited to hit it off ......

But do compared to wine and meat are brothers, man, save every difficult ever. Could there be flying in trouble false gentleman, so, what does it mean? In contrast, how can this be called a friend of it, people really want to Xiaodiao teeth!

I'm afraid that word "friend" is such a person get stale, so I now hear "friend" when the word will not help think of the bad things, rather it had real meaning. So I rarely mention "friends" of the word, are replaced by "students", "shoes" proportionality, interesting and taboo. And when someone casually call me when the "friend", I often laugh without words, as he intended, pat on the shoulder, and then forgotten. Because a friend is not shouting out, I will not allow others tarnished the "friends" of the title, at least with me.

Gentleman intersect, when their hearts; friend treatment, when the to-honor.

Who is your friend, who you are friends, we all know has a bottom, cherish, after all, this thing is commendable, life can have a geometry!

Sincere man, do something magnanimous, to intersect the world over!

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