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Entrance end

Thursday on September 24th, 2020Life

Yesterday 5:00 pm, with the last one sounded the end of the test subjects in English tones, the two-day college entrance examination is over.

Three years of high school is over, high school is over.

Since then, there will be many students start thinking about their own life, to plan their own future, but where is the road?

Entrance is competitive in today's Chinese society have left only fair, though only in form and process, but after the college entrance examination did. Papers armed escort, a camera monitoring the examination room, these stricter than the civil service examination. Perhaps this year's college entrance examination so strict, but also with fraud last graduation examination of the bar.

Anyway, plus one month down will be a long wait, wait. Wait for the college entrance examination results, voluntary reporting ......

In the afternoon I will also participate in a spoken English test, then we can have a good rest.

It rained again this morning, huangjuezhen Lan also opened ~

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