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Tuesday on June 23rd, 2020Life

Today is August 25, 2019. ssl certificate my personal blog today expired. I used to write diary is a word play on the computer a word out. Today, I try to look for input, so the speed can be carried out quickly with voice input information to fly the input method. I found this hearing fly voice recognition input capability is very powerful. Basically no typos, basically there is no repair, no need to modify. Today my son at home copy diary. His mother told him before his diary to refresh it again, re-written. Son school soon comma. My son diary is great, write the word is also very neat, nothing like word of a first-year student wrote. Write when he was very serious, I like his earnest spirit. Through his writing seriously, I seem to see one. Very very patient last night, we went to Bai Wenbin with our family. His children there to attend his son's full moon wine. We are in the dock seafood dinner that hotel. More upscale dinner yesterday, we eat a lot of seafood, including king crab, shrimp Phi big big snake and custard and so delicious. After the evening meal at home, we have more than 11 points. But my son still continue to read, read a lot of books. I do not know what time he had seen, and I will sleep.

This morning, we played very late late morning, about 10:00 when it is to get up, wake up is completed, we eat a little porridge, porridge lunch with you together to eat. This saves a lot of time. Next we carried out activities to learn English. My son is now looking En picture books, picture books this is a very suitable for children's picture books in English. There are a lot of English audio stories. Can not say the story is English, Chinese is in two languages ??with English, have explained the story. These stories can greatly expand the amount of its knowledge and vision. After reading the story, his son has been playing the piano. As for me, I bored on the brush to brush a personal website, personal blog. I read a lot of blog. Found a more interesting site, ah, is a personal blog and website navigation blog called Chi, this domain bit mean. He just has a personal collection of relatively considered to be more, or is there something special and personal blog, I look at my own blog in which income is not a little bit sad. This powerful blog that I did not even been included in this blog blog.

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