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College entrance examination countdown

Thursday on September 24th, 2020Life

Recently many of my friends are giving me messages and comments, bloggers say you are how you, play it disappear?

In fact, near the entrance, update blog mind a little lighter. Recently I always wondered where in the end the future, then I kind of way to go.

The high school curriculum is long over, and now is in the review phase. In addition to doing exercises every day to do the examination paper book is the book judge by speaking practice speaking papers, it is boring ah. But we are still so tolerant, weary not very high, up in math class, will be playing for a while nap, took it for rest.

The day before yesterday afternoon after the clean-up go to the playground to play, the glasses in the playground, the playground yesterday morning to find glasses, only to find a small piece of lens, resolutely decided not to continue looking for his glasses, I really careless ah! Noon to go back with the glasses, his eyes still 150 degrees, and in 2009 the first pair of glasses with the same degree, this still makes me feel happy. After all, 20 this month I will go to the Civil Aviation participate in the examination, I am most worried about is my vision, but fortunately degree did not rise, ordinary life do not have to rely on glasses, lectures only when it is required to wear it.

Some time ago bought a tablet, Onda Vi10 elite version, Taobao line up to buy, Android 4.0.3 system, play games, watch movies enough.

Last week classroom-aligning, and the class teacher thought I was in love with a female classmate, we were deliberately put together, but also map our class meeting, really silent ah! She and I just talk about comparison, and I am not her favorite person. Serve as certification, to the time to test everything.

Today to talk about so much, I wish all our friends happy every day!

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