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Physical examination in China Aviation Flight University of civilian

Thursday on September 24th, 2020Life

March 20 and 21, two days, took part in the re-examination of Civil Aviation Flight University of China, the physical examination can be described as strict ah!

Previous school physical examination, nothing more than holding a physical examination alone, the amount of height, weighed, husband bust, facial inspection, testing lung capacity. The aviation school of the medical relatively more strict, physical examination alone can not be held by themselves, presumably to keep from fraud, unauthorized data to fill it.

Professional requirements for eye flight is very high, and I am just a little shortsighted, but narrowly passed the vision. Most can not stand is to check the eyes, dilation drops in advance will give you medicine, eyes closed about half an hour, on the whole pupil opened, and at that time quite sensitive to light. In this case, inspection of the retina and the lens, of the eye to ensure health status. Am doing a fundus examination, no law school in the afternoon and had to leave at home for a rest in the afternoon, evening to night classes to catch the school, pupils are the next day returned to normal state, this medicine is amazing!

In short, the physical examination project is done, as to whether or not through it, it is not my word. I need to do now is to protect the eyes, see more distant objects, less Internet less playing mobile phone. There is, to further improve performance, greater effort from top to bottom in English.

Three days of the end of this month, I will participate in the Games Deyang City, 800 meters long-distance running, after the expiry of the Games will take part in a Guanghan, perhaps this is the last two high school track and field competition, I want to especially treasure!

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