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Although not very good, but always love you

Friday on June 11th, 2021Life

Today should be a happy day, although I didn't put a perfect end to the day and left some regrets, but I don't blame you, it's not your fault, because I'm the one who loves you most besides your parents.

This article contains Uncle Chen's negative emotions, please read it selectively.


this article is supposed to be published on June 7, and I put it off until today. In the past few days, I have been hesitant to think or not to record it, so that I can forget it. I am also fighting against the anger in my heart, trying not to let myself get angry, and treat it as a normal thing. After these days of calmness and thinking, I decided to write it down. The original intention of my station is to record life, and there are joys and sorrows in life, so the article should also have joys and sorrows.

June 6-be a happy tool

Today is the wedding day of my wife's best friend. I followed my wife to the bride's house early. On the one hand, my best friend got married early to show respect, and on the other hand, there are many important events in life. There must be places where arrangements can not be made. It is a real coincidence that the world is so small that the bride and groom actually live in a community and it takes only 2 minutes to go back and forth, so we have to get a little more happy.

in the neighborhood where we arrived at about 08:30, when we walked to the door, there was nothing else except a happy word posted on the gate, which made me feel that they kept a low profile on their wedding day. When I came to their house, I really kept a low profile. Only when I saw the bride's uncle, uncle, grandfather and uncle, the only people responsible for blocking the first door were the bride's brother and younger brother. In short, there were very few people and everyone was very idle.

since it is forbidden to set off fireworks now, we can only use electronic firecrackers. What I bought when I got married can still be used, and don't waste this money and send it to their family. From the past to the end, we didn't arrange for anyone to hang it downstairs. Finally, we took it downstairs and hung it up. I am a tool man in the whole process. I can block the door, hang firecrackers, and be dragged to set off firecrackers, ha .

I remember that when I got married last year, both my family and my wife's house felt very lively. As soon as I arrived in the community, many people gathered around to meet me, and I could see a lot of neighborhood friends coming to help make noise at home. Personally, I think the wedding should be lively, with more people, noisy and festive.

on that day, the bride's house gave me the impression that everyone was very leisurely, and the overall atmosphere was mediocre without any help. But then again, marriage is the first time for anyone, even if you see more and know more, there will certainly be some poor arrangements on that day, and this is inevitable. I can also fully understand, so this day the light atmosphere is slightly not in place, for me to be a tool person, to be able to help and be happy is also a very happy thing.

in fact, marriage is a form, and no matter how gorgeous it is, it is only an auxiliary effect, just like the decoration of a house. In the final analysis, as long as the bride and groom are happy, this is the best proof of the wedding.

June 6-small regret

halfway through the process to lunch, my wife didn't have a bite of lunch because she didn't have a good appetite, and then she went to the hotel to have a rest. When it was less than 2 o'clock, my wife and her good friend were ready to have a drink. I didn't hear them talk about it. I got up to drink inexplicably. I looked like a fool in a western-style restaurant. I didn't know I was going to drink until later.

my wife and good friend ordered a bottle of white wine because I couldn't drink enough to drive. Then the good friend poured out his troubles about his job. After all, he didn't see each other for a long time. I can also understand that I can drink some wine to allay my worries. Besides, my wife has no problem with the quantity of this half bottle. When there was almost half a glass left in the bottle, the good friend suddenly said to the waiter that he would like another bottle of wine and another bottle of wedding wine this evening. I was already a little nervous at that time, and for the sake of his being a good friend of my wife, I refrained from speaking. Almost at the end of the second bottle, I found that my wife's face was a little white. I knew I should have drunk too much. when I got out of the store, my wife's hands were also a little cold. I confirmed again that it was a little cold, but I was very awake and couldn't walk. I thought it was all right and I might get rid of it later, but I thought it was too easy.

after drinking and walking out of the store, my wife was still sober and nothing happened. After a quarter of an hour or so, the stamina of the wine really came up. My wife began to feel dizzy and said she was going to go to the toilet to throw up. I waited at the door for 2 or 3 minutes and didn't come out. I panicked if I fell asleep in the toilet or something. The good friend also panicked and found a bridesmaid to bring water to my wife. I also gave him enough face as a good friend. I told him it was all right. I probably hadn't had a drink for a long time. All of a sudden, I was a little above my head, and I was all right. After that, after a while, his good friend ran to the banquet and left.

at that time, I was particularly worried that my wife would faint in the toilet. I felt that after at least 20 minutes, I finally came out of the toilet. When I came out, I was already in a state of dizziness. I hugged my waist sideways and said weakly that I would go back to the car and have a rest. I hurriedly pressed the elevator to get back to the garage. On the way to the elevator, my wife felt like she was beating my heart every time she vomited. My wife has been telling me that I'm sorry. I'm the one who didn't protect my beloved. What was I doing at that time? why didn't I stop his friend from ordering the second bottle? now he almost lost consciousness when he let his wife drink. I was the one who should say sorry most.

Finally, after saying hello to my wife's friend, I drove home. Watching my beloved drink like this, my heart is full of self-remorse and guilt, and there are many unspeakable tastes.

June 7-War broke out

when I got home from work the next day, I actually held my breath all day. I tried my best to contain my anger. When my wife saw that I didn't mention what happened yesterday, I couldn't help asking, "later your friend sent you a message." my wife replied that she had sent me a message, and then she didn't say anything.

my wife just dealt with the sentence. What I personally understand is that I don't want to talk about it. Later, I don't talk and sit at the computer desk. I don't know how to say it. The more I think about it, the angrier I get, the more I can't figure it out. And I'm the kind of person who will be suffocated if I don't solve this problem.

I was so angry that I walked out of the room and lay on the sofa without saying a word. Yesterday was played back and forth in my mind, and my heart was blocked with a stone. If I want to remove this stone, I know there must be a quarrel.

I was really angry, and I roared two things about why I broke out:

  • I sent a message through Wechat saying, "Let's have a rest in the garage and then decide whether to have dinner or not." Are so-called good friends really good friends? Get someone drunk, and then go to the wedding party alone. If I were this good friend, I would certainly run to the garage to see what was going on and care about it without even taking a look. This and the news advised to drink 120 people to the hospital, and finally no one to take care of the same nature, this is to choose to avoid the problem, this point makes me very angry.
  • in the course of chatting, my wife talked about being the guardian of this good friend when he lost his power of action. Although the family background of this good friend is very miserable, I can also take my wife as his guardian as a comfort to him, but the word guardian is not so easy, it has to bear legal responsibility.
    for people who think too much like me, I have already thought that in the future, apart from our parents on both sides, our biological parents may not be able to take care of them, not to mention that if there are more outsiders, even if they have a bad relationship with their relatives, it is the business of others. To be a guardian is to take his money.
  • Finally, under my mother's dissuasion, we ended the war. For this incident, I apologize for my bad speech attitude, but I should also give careful consideration to the questions I have raised. Maybe I have little knowledge, or I really love my wife too much. If I have a little bit of bad, it will be magnified countless times in my eyes. I have also changed some of my temper, although I will still lose my temper, but I will do better and speak calmly as much as possible.

    there is a good saying on the Internet, "you know, home is never a place to be reasonable, but a place to talk about love." Very often, they vent their discontent, but they snub the hearts of the people; they win a quarrel, but they lose their feelings. "

    Please forgive me for still being so concerned about this, because I have seen it with my own eyes, and I still have emotions, which may take some time to fade.

    it's late at night, let's turn the story ~

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