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Touch the model again after seven years during the Dragon Boat Festival

Friday on June 18th, 2021Life

I looked through Taobao's records and found that I hadn't touched the model for 7 years. Sometimes when I talk about the topic of assembling models with my colleagues, I always feel like I just spelled it two years ago. Ah, time is in a hurry, and the atmosphere of
holidays is getting less and less, just because the living conditions are so good that I don't know how to cherish them.

simple Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival a few days ago, er. There's nothing special about it. Follow your wife to visit her grandfather. In the evening, I had a meal with my father-in-law, so I simply celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival.

now the festival is not as anticipated and lively as it used to be. Festivals are all the same. They have what to buy and what they want to eat. They are already in a state of numbness. Celebrating the festival is to visit relatives and get in touch with each other. In fact, the festive atmosphere has not been felt at all.

unlike in the past, there is less food and play, and the variety is single, so we pay more attention to the festive atmosphere and take the festival seriously.

I think the main reason now is the living conditions. There are too many entertainment things and countless tricks, which is equivalent to celebrating the festival every day, and the lower limit is raised accordingly, so the holidays are not taken seriously.

the times are changing, the environment is changing, the society is changing, and people can't stay the same, right?

to Xie Boyou: Ye Kaiyi

I was pleasantly surprised on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. I received a blessing from the blogger "Ye Kaifu".
later I read his article that it took 3 hours to bless all my friends, so it is a great honor to receive the blessing from Brother Ye.
Ps: he is very fond of tossing and is a very interesting person .

touch the model again

A week before the Dragon Boat Festival, my wife suddenly asked me that her sister had a model that she didn't want to spell, so why don't you help me spell it.

I readily agreed for three reasons. First, I spend more time at home in my shift system, and second, I don't have a model for a long time. Of course, my third wife's sister has to help me for help.

during dinner on the Dragon Boat Festival, my wife and her sister brought it over by the way. I have seen before that the photo belongs to a humanoid model, (I really want to kill me after spelling the home version of the eva primary machine before), and some panic will be a big project. After I get it, I see that the board is a little bit more than 10 +, and the small problem has been sprinkled with water .

2021-6-16-start work: lottery Girl Garden-Jiechengyuan2021-6-17-upper body assembly completed"2021-6-18-done!

generally quite relaxed, about 1 hour a day, quite kill time, at least I think it is healthier than playing with mobile phones and computers.

Seven years later, old memories

I always feel that I have only finished spelling for 2 or 3 years. In order to prove that the memory in my mind is not wrong, I have specially turned over the purchase records of Taobao. It seems that my life is so easy. I did not expect that it has been seven years since this flicker. How time flies ~ full of memories.

At that time, the student party was a relatively poor version of the motherland.The Chinese version is still the same, and a total of four sets have been put together before and after.At the beginning, there was no electronic version of the instruction manual. Looking at such a small manual, I just put together two sets.It's not that you can't spell the details of this workmanship (the photos have been deleted for too long and the Taobao snapshot has been put)

later, my mother deliberately dropped my model on the ground under the pretext of cleaning. As a result, many parts could not be found, and I threw them away when I couldn't assemble them. The model has not been put together since then, which may have left a shadow on my mind this time. Of course, the last sentence is a joke, and then maybe young people, after the novelty, slowly fade away and don't want to play.

I should check Renren. There may be pictures in stock. Ha ~ that's it.

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