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The bundle is sold

Friday on December 25th, 2020Life

In the afternoon, I saw an article about textbook recycling, so that I thought of my own student time, and then reminded me of the primary school homework that was sold, as well as the past.

I don't know if the bundle is treated as waste paper, it is now repeated, whether it has been caused by paper, and it is sold.

In the summer vacation after graduation, the surrounding friends have their own four-wheel drive, which is the kind of cartoon "four-way brothers". It is also asking for boy like, and even girls will be happy. . After all, it is an era of no smartphone. Internet cafes are also one of the "three rooms and one hall", because the hot four-drive brothers, we are obsessed with the two-section battery-driven toy, each person is eager for people. One, then find a cement flat game.

I don't know, I will go deep. I have to have a four-wheel truck, after the heart is broadcast, I can't pick it up. At that time, the cheapest four-wheel drive is five yuan, the material is a full plastic, the battery is available, buy it back to pack it. However, there is no pocket money in a child, and the five yuan is undoubtedly a large number for yourself. Later, I learned that the waste recycling this door. I was impressed that the waste paper recovery was five cents per kilogram, so I put it into all the homework in my elementary school. I was named by myself. Go to the waste recycling station. From home to the waste recycling station, there is approximately one kilometer, so it is still in the past, and I can't remember the bicycle. But I remember very clearly that the bundle of homework, in exchange for eight yuan of coins.

So I have a four-wheel drive that belongs to myself, I have a very happy. Later, the plastic car shell hit the place, only the bottom of the car naked, and then, only one battery-driven motor can also be used, thereby derived a lot of gameplay, including homemade electric fan, electric ship boat and submarine.

Now I want to come, when I am ready to sell the homework, I am not reluctant. It is also unsolved, six years of homework, I have witnessed the way of learning from learning Pinyin to Chinese characters, there is a testimony of my first written pen word, there is mathematics from the addition and subtraction of less than 10 The testimony of the secondary equation, there is a testimony of my childhood time. But in the end, it turned into eight yuan coins, it is a helpless regret.

Today, I have never sold my own learning supplies. It is still a comfort. This is also a comfort. I also don't want to borrow books, borrowed books, mostly, there is no such thing, and come back or dirty or replace it. At this point, I am narrow, even a little stupid, but I'm going to the end, I don't want to let regret again, I don't want to be embarrassed again, what I think is to cherish.

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