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No electricity

Friday on December 25th, 2020Life

I opened my mobile phone this morning, I found that I can't even go to Wi-Fi. I wanted to be power outage. I opened the room in the room. I found out that it is really power outage.

I thought it would be temporary power outage, who was expected to call until 22:07 at night. So this day is spent in the state of no electricity, because there is no electricity, so water has stopped. Fortunately, the gas did not stop, not to fall to the point where you can't make a meal.

The thermal satiety is solved. The key is that today's temperature has increased to 34 degrees Celsius, the sun is hot, and only the shadow of the cool place in the afternoon. This long-term power outage, the power supply has not posted a notice in advance, so when it comes to this problem, everyone has said that five o'clock, some people say it, and some people say ten o'clock. Of course, after experiencing the first two disappointment guess, it is about to disappoint the third speculation.

Take dinner, at eight o'clock, the sky has been black. Because of the power outage, I am sitting quietly, I am sitting on the chair, being a good mosquito coil next to it, close my eyes. Let me think of the days when I have a power outage in elementary school, then I should be in the summer of 2004 or 2005, I often stopped electricity at that time, and I have been restored every day, I have to recover at night, and I will be powered off next morning. Such repeated. The last year did not have a situation in which frequently power outages appeared, and the power station file upgrade can guarantee the demand for electricity. Sitting in a hurry in the previous year, he met a driver. He was engaged in hydraulic power generation. He mentioned that he mentioned such a situation, saying that the Bangao Hydropower has played a lot of power supply to the southwest, perhaps the reason is here.

It's still a burst of meditation, and then I went out, and when I turned back, I found that the lights along the way were bright. At this time, it is 10:77 in the evening. A rare time to stop, in fact, when it is eight or nod, it is in a dark and silent, and it is already coming. Who is now calling and spiritually a hundred times. Now the light pollution is too serious, and it is difficult to meet the scenes of the five fingers in the early days. I thought that I didn't call it tonight. I simply took the opportunity to feel the night without light pollution, it seems that I can't achieve it.

Therefore, in a civilized society, there will be lost. The same thing is in the opposite side, only one, can not be obtained.

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